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The Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology-EiTEX organized and hosted the 7th international conference on Cotton, Textile and Apparel value Chain in Africa (CTA-2018) that was... Read More
Tue 12 Jun 2018
EiTEX Management Team Visits EPTAINKS Socio Unico, Italy In year 2017 EPTAINKS representatives had attended the sixth International Conference on Cotton, Textile and Apparel Value Chain in... Read More
Fri 11 May 2018
EiTEX and Value Technologies representative meets at 2016 on Origin Africa Exhibition and understand that the company supply Garber software for teaching and learning process and start cooperation.... Read More
Mon 19 Mar 2018


Students life at Campus

Student in Practical Session

Students at graduation

“Months are different in campus, especially freshman year. Too much happens.”


10th International Conference on Cotton,Textile, and Apparel Value Chain in Africa ( CTA 2022)
Ethiopian Textile and Fashion Technology Institute Inaugurates Digital Library Building
የኢትዮጵያ ቴክስታይል እና ፋሽን ዲዛይን ተቋም በተማሪዎች የተሰናዳው ፋሽን ሾው Fana TV
በ EiTEX 9ኛው አለማቀፍ ኮንፈረንስ ላይ የቆዳ አልባሳትና የፋሽን ኢንዱስትሪው ሚና ARTS TV
በ EiTEX 9ኛው አለማቀፍ ኮንፈረንስ ላይ በተማሪዎች የተዘጋጀ ፋሽን ሾው
Leather and clothing Fashion within EiTEX 9th International Conference

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