Training on Grant Project Writing, hosted at EiTEX-BDU is started today.

[November 21, 2022 Bahir Dar, ISC/EiTEX]
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The training will be given to EiTEX researchers who are from Textile Production research centre, Textile Chemistry research centre, Bio-refinery research center, Leather processing and Leather products manufacturing, Apparel Production Research Centre, and Basic Engineering research centre from November 20-25, 2022, and was organized by the EiTEX capacity building office in collaboration with other research centres. Dr. Masresha Fetene (Professor) from Addis Ababa University has started delivering the training. Dr. Masresha Fetene will share their knowledge and experience on grant project writing process, gaps in project seeking, challenges to EiTEX researchers. The main aim of the training is to enhance the staff project development and grant project seeking experience in the Textile and Apparel merchandizing and leather sector.Finally, the training will last for five days starting today.