M.Sc in Textile Manufacturing

The Master of Science in Textile Manufacturing program aim is to train students in the field of the advanced Textile Manufacturing process, product development, and management principles so that the graduates can work at higher levels of management and make strategic decisions in the Textile Industry.

The program focus particularly on advanced yarn, woven, knitted, and non-woven textile manufacturing technology particularly in the field of Research and Development, Quality Management, Design of New Products & Processes, Production Management, and  Economic Viability Studies. Further, it equips skills such as monitoring of production and quality with the advanced types of equipment and instruments which needs well-familiar personnel with the latest knowledge of materials, equipment, processes, and testing procedures.

Key Role Areas:

  • Capable to transfer knowledge and skill in textile manufacturing technology
  • mplement Basic and Applied Research works to solve problems
  • Conduct techno-economic studies to establish  new and modernization  projects
  • Setting up of textile manufacturing plant and related industries
  • Engage in the revival of sick industrial units;
  • Improvement in productivity, quality, and cost reduction.
  • New Product Design and Development in technical textiles
  • Conduct practical researches to innovative and optimal solutions,
  • Interact effectively with experts of other disciplines