Textile and Apparel Merchandising program

 Textile and Apparel Merchandising program


The textile and apparel merchandisingprogram provide broad-based education and training in textile and apparel marketing; to enablegraduates to be creative, adaptable, problem solver in the challenges of the professions in rapidlychanging environment that exists in the globe. Textile and apparel Merchandising mediate the marketing and production departments of textile and apparel industries.

A set of core courses provide a foundation in principles of aesthetics, business, textiles, global textile and apparel marketing, apparel production, and retail environments. The apparel, textile and fashion industries operate in a global market, making an understanding of the world economy and cultural diversity essential. Team building, communications, decision-making, and problem-solving skills are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

The B.Sc. in Textile and Apparel Merchandising program at EiTEX has duration of 4 academic years and it is the first and the only program available in Ethiopia. The academic program is divided into 8 semesters. Each semester lasts for a period of 18 weeks. The course consists of classroom lectures, tutorials and practical laboratory sessions counting total 240CP. Industrial visit and one semester internship program are also part of the curriculum. It was started in 2012. The program fulfils the requirement of qualified and creative personals in business & marketing activities of the Ethiopian textile and apparel industry, which has been traditionally practiced and uncompetitive in world market share.

Requirements for Joining the Program

Program requirements match those needed for admission to Bahir Dar University, and include the University's general education requirements. Students interested in the department are accepted through an entrance exam. Freshman students joined the institute will get an orientation about the department. They will register for an entrance exam. Based on the students interest and the department set quota enrollment will be done.

Careers in Textiles and Apparel Merchandising

A degree in textile and apparel merchandising provides a wide range of career opportunities within design, product development, merchandising, marketing, retailing, and promotion. Common positions include:

  • Merchandiser
  • Department manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Warehouse Administrator
  • Stock data specialist
  • Team Leader
  • Personal Shopper
  • Promoter
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Assistant Merchandiser
  • Buying Agent
  • Buying House Manger
  • Specification Writer
  • Showroom Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Exhibition coordinator
  • Vendor Selector
  • Costing Analyst
  • Retailing Manager
  • Display Designer
  • Area Sale Manager

The tasks, which professional in Textile and apparel merchandisers undertake, are too many to list them all. Some of the typical tasks the professionals are expected to deal with are: 

  • Work closely with account executives and store managers to select the right merchandise that a particular store should sell.
  • Execute department/division level marketing strategies.
  • Partner with the business analyst to prepare monthly class forecasts.
  • Travel nationally and internationally to stay current on global fashion trends.
  • Stay abreast of costing, sourcing, and buying fabrics and trims.
  • Develop and buy trend-right products based on established division or department strategies. 
  • Generate, develop, maintain, and document vendor relations and negotiations.
  • Develop and support strategies and plans to maximize sales.
  • Create retail marketing campaigns to drive store traffic.
  • Manage and execute all aspects of executive marketing plans including in-store promotions, street fairs, local event sponsorships, etc.
  • Create and support initiatives relating to client services.
  • Supervise the firm’s promotional activities, including advertising, design, identity, public/media relations, etc.
  •  Develop and strengthen partnerships with national/international print and non-print media. 
  • Local event coordinators, community movers and shakers.
  • Ensure strong presence of product[s] for television news and special events.
  • Provide public relations insight and expertise.
  • Identify business development opportunities.
  • Develop a cohesive marketing strategy for the organization.
  • Exhibit entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Act as liaison between account representatives, buying offices, and store managers.
  • Communicate current trends and perform competitive analysis of trends and customer preferences.
  • Maintain current knowledge of customer lifestyles in order to understand market needs.
  •   Motivate sales associates thru frequent merchandise updates.
  • Ensure prime real estate, product assortment, and appropriate standards and staffing for retail stores.
  • Compile customer profiles, product requests, retail sales and merchandise needed to establish.

Staff profiles in textile and apparel merchandising

Currently under textile and apparel merchandising program there are 12 teaching staff that includes 2 expatriate staff members. The details of these staff members with their qualifications are given below in the following tables. In future, the program has a plan to increase the number of staffs and correspondingly their qualification level.

No Full Name Sex Email Address Qualification
1 Alene Eyasu M M.Sc in TAM Lecturer
2 Eyob Minbale Assefa M B.Sc in TAM Assistant lecturer
3 Hussien Adem M B.Sc in TAM Lecturer
4 Kumlachew Bitew Teze M B.Sc in TAM Asst. Lecturer
5 Melkamfre Mulat Azathe F B.Sc in TAM Asst. Lecturer
6 Meron Tamiru G/M F M.Sc in TAM Lecturer
7 Mohammed Hasen Yemam M M.Sc. in Business management Lecturer
8 Shumete Tilahune Tsehay M M.A. in Project management Lecturer
9 Seid muhammed M M.Sc. Cooperating marketing Assistant Professor
10 Tensaye Asgaw Mulat M B.Sc in TAM Assistant lecturer
11 Monika Mahabirsingh F M.Sc. in Business management Lecturer

Contact Person 

Meron Tamiru [Lecturer]

Textile and Apparel Merchandising Department Head

Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology

Bahir Dar University

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Mobile:  +251 934 17 59 62 

Email: / mamamery21@gmail.com

P.O. box: 1037