B.Ed. Garment Technology

B.Ed. Garment Technology Summer Program

Bachelor of education degree (B.Ed.) in Garment Technology [B-Level Teacher], this program Composed of 70% engineering and 30 % Pedagogy courses).

This degree program seeks to produce competent professions that deal with the dissemination of the knowledge of scientific, engineering, and technological principles to the control of all aspects of raw materials used in apparel production and apparel products and machinery. Specifically, the TVET Garment Technology professionals have the in-depth pedagogical skills coupled with hands-on experience of imparting the knowledge in the above fields to the workforce, primarily of the shop floor, to achieve the highest possible quality products with minimum cost.

The program will have a duration of 5 academic years - with the distribution of courses in 6 summers and 5 Distance Schedules. The distribution has been made to suit the TVET teachers already working in the TVET institutions as part of Continuing Education without disturbing their regular work and to enable them to utilize their spare time meaningfully, efficiently, effectively, and gainfully which covering the Garment Technology Disciplines along with the Pedagogical and other relevant ancillary disciplines. The program has been designed to produce Teachers who are well-grounded in the Garment Technology Discipline along with pedagogical skills to impart training to the personnel required at the shop-floor level and above needed by the Garment Industry.

The students who successfully complete the program will be eligible to be appointed as teachers in TVET institutions giving courses to TVET students who on completing their programs will be employed gainfully in the Garment industry of Ethiopia.  

Some of the areas in which a professional B.Ed. Garment Technology is expected to disseminate the practical and theoretical knowledge:

  •  Pattern production
  • Apparel manufacturing operations
  • Garment construction
  • Garment industry technical service 
  • Apparel product analysis and quality control
  • Support continuous improvement 
  • Identify problems and offer workable solutions in the short and long term.  
  • Technical service in apparel marketing and merchandising

Contact Person:


   Daniel Mulugeta [Lecturer]

 Head of Continuing and Distance Education Program

 Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology

 Mobile: +251-920-771-481  

Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar/Ethiopia