Fashion Design

Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design

This degree program seeks to produce competent professionals who are equipped with artistic & creative knowledge and skills, which enables them to contribute to the development of the country. Students admitted to the program are required to take and pass the delivered courses and carry out senior project research in Fashion design. Upon completing the program, a graduate is supposed to demonstrate an understanding of a range of concepts and issues in fashion design; enable to engage in effective scientific communication in a professional setting, including technical writing, oral presentation, and use of available technology; interact professionally with others having different cultural backgrounds, education levels, and interests.

 The program needs to be a creative and artistic person to work in this field. It is one of the latest trending courses in today’s world. In a fashion designing course, you will learn about the subjects covered in fashion design: fashion illustration, portfolio development, apparel construction, draping, computer application (Pattern and graphics), textile materials, drawing and design fundamentals, color theory, designing collections, internship and final thesis. That is a list of courses that you might take. However, there are specific skills you will need as a fashion designer.

Currently, the institute is organized into the fashion design department running Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design, Masters of Science in fashion design and BSc. in fashion design extension program, within EiTEX has a duration of 4 academic years in regular, 2 academic years in MSc and 5 academic years in extension programs. This program is the first and the only available in Ethiopia. The program fulfills the requirement of qualified and creative personals in the area of design, which is unexploited and nearly absent for a long period in the Ethiopian fashion and garment industry.

The Fashion Design program prepares students from diverse backgrounds to be fashion innovators by providing a professional environment in which students learn by working in tandem with top designers.

Some of our student’s works are listed below.