Leather Engineering


Institution: Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology (EiTEX)

Department: Leather Engineering

Program title: B.Sc. in Leather product Engineering

Duration of study (in years): Five for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS: ECTS – 309 ECTS with 20 modules.

Mode of delivery: Regular

About Leather Engineering Program

 Leather product Engineering is one of the main fields that can play leading roles in the economic development of a country. Cognizant of the fact that the leather sector is not benefiting from the country’s strong raw material base and the marketing opportunities given to the developing countries, the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) established different Institutes with the main objectives of producing trained professionals, conducting research and development activities, rendering consultancy services and providing technical support to the sector. In this regard EiTEX also took the responsibility of producing professionals with broad-based education and training in leather technology, design, and manufacturing; to enable graduates to be creative, adaptable, problem solver in the challenges of the professions in the rapidly changing environment that exists in the globe. These changes require the ability to apply existing knowledge in new ways thereby creating new systems and opportunities as well as adapting existing Ethiopian traditional leather design. Moreover, it aims to initiate, develop, and sustain research activities that are critical for the conditioning of the advancement of the Ethiopian leather sectors involved in leather production and design. The leather industry faces a major crunch in terms of well-trained manpower in the area of technology, manufacturing, and design with an adequate grasp of technical and cultural matters. This workforce should be enabled to implement the decisions taken at higher levels. The leather product engineering program prepares students from diverse backgrounds to be leather technologists, designers, and production experts by providing a professional environment in which students learn by working in tandem with top technologists and designers

Our Mission

To train leading and entrepreneurial Leather products Engineers who can use professional knowledge and skills in the direction of leather and leather products industry's needs and progress, follow and apply the technological developments and innovations, solve professional problems, be aware of the environmental and ethical responsibility of the profession and contribute to the technological and economic development of our society; and carry out the research and development of leather and leather products sector.

Our Vision

To become a leading education and research institution at the national and international level, training leather engineers with high standards who are required by leather and leather products sector in our country and the world, contributing to the international competitiveness of the Ethiopia leather and leather products sector by education and research activities.

Admission requirements

 Applicants should achieve the minimum score on the Ethiopian Higher Education Qualification Certificate Examination (EHEQCE) or equivalent which satisfies the admission cut point to higher education set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency.

Assessment & Evaluation

The Assessment and Evaluation will be according to current rules and regulations of the Legislation of the Ethiopia Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology and the modifications, alterations, or amendments carried out by the appropriate authorities.

Graduation Requirement

The duration of study for Under Graduate Degree will be five complete academic years, out of which the last semester will be exclusively allotted to the Thesis Work. As regards Bachelor Thesis, the student should have completed all the prescribed courses of all the nine modules successfully with a minimum number grade of 2.00 in each of the courses. For graduation, a minimum number grade of 2.00 is required. Other requirements will be according to the prevailing rules and regulations of the university/institute approved

Degree Nomenclature

The degree awarded to students who complete the minimum requirements is labeled in English & Amharic.

In English:

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Leather Product Engineering

In Amharic:

Professional opportunities

The students who graduated from the Leather product Engineering program can be employed at leather factories, leather chemicals firms, companies producing leather products (a leather garment, accessories), import and export agencies, leather consultants, Environmental agencies, Quality standard Authority, various public and private organizations and most importantly as self-employed (entrepreneur).

Leather product Engineers can work in leather Enterprises, academic, and research organizations. Employment can be found in different sectors of the following fields:

  • Leather Factories in Public and Private Sectors that may comprise one or more of the following: leather Chemical Processing, Tanning, leather accessory production, leather Garment, and other related products.
  • Quality and Standards Associations of National and International levels
  • Industry Support Institutions
  • Leather import and export agencies
  • Environmental Protection Authorities

 Research Associations

  • Academic Institutions in the capacity of teaching staff
  • Consultancy and Engineering Firms in the leather field
  • Governmental agencies (about leather Industry Development)
  • Financial Institutions (about the financing of leather Industry projects) etc.

 List of Academic and Technical staff under Leather Engineering Department:

No Name Sex Qualification Academic Rank
1 Awoke Fenta M M.Sc. in Leather Product Design and Eng. Persuing PhD
2 Banchamlak Bimerew F M.Sc. in Leather Product Design and Eng. Persuing PhD
3 Biniyam Solomon M M.Sc. in Leather Product Design and Eng. Lecturer
4 Eldana Bizuneh F B.Sc. in Leather Engineering  Lecturer
5 Fetiya Hayredin F M.Sc. in Leather Product Design and Eng. Lecturer
6 Feven Demeke F M.Sc. in Leather Product Design and Eng. Chief Assistant - I
7 Fitsum Etefa M M.Sc. in Leather Product Design and Eng. Persuing PhD
8 Genet Teka F M.Sc. in Leather Product Design and Eng.  Lecturer
9 Lidia Yilma F M.Sc. in Leather Product Design and Eng.  Lecturer
10 Ketema Alemu M M.Sc. in Leather Product Design and Eng.  Lecturer
11 Lioul Getachew M B.Sc. in Leather Engineering Asst. Lecturer
12 Tarekegn Molla M Tailoring Level III Senior Tech.Assistant.
13 Tariku Assefa M M.Sc. in Leather Product Design and Eng. Lecturer
14 Zerihun Teshome M M.Sc. in Leather Product Design and Eng.  Lecturer

Contact Person:


Zerihun Teshome [Lecturer]

 Leather Engineering Department Head

 Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology [EiTEX]

 Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

P.O.Box: 1027

Mobile: +251929271356 / 

email: zerihunteshome2006@gmail.com

Fax: +251 582 26 62 46