Garment Engineering

Garment Engineering is a profession that deals with the application of scientific, engineering, and technological principles in the manufacturing system and production process of the Apparel Industry. 

BSc. in Garment Engineering  

BSc. in Garment Engineering program at EiTEX has a duration of 5 academic years and it is the first program launched in Ethiopia which covers courses of Garment Engineering Disciplines along with other relevant ancillary disciplines. The program fulfills the requirement of qualified and skilled engineers for the manufacturing activities of the Ethiopian apparel & fashion industry, which has been inefficient in quality, productivity, and lead time compared to the world standards. 

The introduction of this Program forms part of the Engineering Capacity Building Program of Ethiopia. The program fulfills the long-felt needs of the Ethiopian Garment Industry which is in dire need of experienced and well-trained personnel for the augmentation of quality and productivity, which at present is quite poor.

a.       Raw materials used to facilitate the teaching-learning process 

  b.   Educational facility


c. Sample finished products by students