Human Resource

EiTEX Human Resource management Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create peaceful and harmonious employer-employee relations,
  • Developing a employee relations manual and strategy that is in compliance with the applicable legal and statutory employee relations framework, Providing specialized advice and support services,
  • Dealing with the human resource plan, human resource development plan and schedule
  • Design work-life balance programs suitable for employee and concentrated on their jobs,
  • Promoting and supporting the physical and emotional wellbeing of all employee,
  • Development of working manual for the grievance and disciplinary procedures and processes,
  • Design remedial action programs that can alleviate employee underperformance and poor discipline,
  • Bridging human resource management process with ICT, development and administer of electronic identification system, development of internet and system security of human resource management process database.
  • Plan and implement employee development programs, Fund raising for training and development purposes, Communicate and agree with training and development organizations, Closely follow impact of training and development,
  • Create commitment to reengineering by implementing value-based hiring, building a sense of community and by installing effective two way communication
  • Play a central role in making self-directed teams by reorganizing the work force.
  • Develop multi-skilled workers
  • Create empowered jobs.
  • Work on Job design and Job analysis ,affirmative action of human resource management, change management, employee reward systems, benefits, compensation and recognition systems, employee safety, health and good work environment, employee and public relations, negotiation and administering employee agreement, employee union and unionization

Contact Person:

Taye Wubie

Human Resource Director

Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology

P.O Box: 1037

Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia