Deputy Scientific Director

Deputy Scientific Director

Powers and Responsibilities:

The textile and fashion sector served as the ladder for economic progress and prosperity for many global nations. Similarly, this sector is hoped to provide tremendous contribution for economic progress of developing nations like Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology (EiTEX) has the mission to provide qualified graduates to the labour market, conduct relevant research and forward solutions to the pressing needs of the society and the scientific community. In addition, the institute aspires to support the community in outreach activities and technology transfer projects. The Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology (EiTEX) is the pioneering institute in Ethiopia offering higher education in the field of textile, garment and fashion design. The current institute was first established in collaboration with the Russian government in 1963 as the department in Textile Technology (Diploma level) under Bahir Dar Polytechnic Institute. The Diploma program was upgraded in 1997 to B.Sc. program in Textile Engineering.

The institute has been recognized as an autonomous institute under Bahir Dar University from 2009 onwards. Since then, the institute had shown tremendous growth with the introduction of eight undergraduate programs such as; B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Textile Chemical Process Engineering, Garment Engineering, Fashion Design, Textile and Apparel Merchandizing, Leather Engineering, Textile Technology Education (B-Level Teacher) and Garment Technology Education (B-Level Teacher). Similarly, we have 6 postgraduate masters programs such as M.Sc. in Textile Manufacturing, Textile Chemistry, Fashion Technology, Fiber Science and Technology, Textile Technology (A-Level Teacher) and Garment technology (A-Level Teacher) and PhD program in Textile Technology research based in collaboration with a German universities and now a course based PhD program in Textile Technology is being launched. The institute focuses on graduate programs (both masters and Phd level) to build capability towards quality education, relevant research and other outreach activities to the community.

The two national Growth and Transformation Plans (GTPs) have considered the textile sector as one of the priority sectors. Due to several reasons, the achievement from this sector was not as planned. The academic institutions like us have irreplaceable role to strengthen the contribution of the sector to the national economy. EiTEX being the premier institute in textile and fashion related education, research, community services and technology development and transfer activities, has received huge national responsibility to support the textile and garment industries and small and micro enterprises (SMEs) such as the hand-loom sector. Currently, the institute is diversifying post graduate programs to strengthen the research contribution and provide graduates at different levels of qualifications.

The efforts and achievements of our institute to take leadership in many aspects of the textile sector cannot be denied. Though I am proud of what has been achieved so far, the expectations ahead require continual progress of the institute to meet and even surpass the expectations of the government and the citizens. Finally, I would like to thank all stakeholders for their endless support.

Contact Person:

Mr. Adane Haile (Associate Professor)

EiTEX Deputy Scientific Director

P.O. Box: 1037

Mobile phone: +251936343489


 EiTEX, Bahir Dar University  

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