EiTEX Library Services 

Libraries have historically supported teaching and learning by providing books, journals, databases, and other types of information; offering general and specialized study spaces; teaching information literacy skills; and providing references in person and online. But today, we are observing educational models are rapidly evolving. Advances in technology, publishing, information sharing, and pedagogy shape the needs of instructors and students. EiTEX library seeks to reach students not only in EiTEX campus, but in all Campuses of BDU, across the state and around the world. EiTEX library will be engaged wherever teaching and learning occur. Librarians will draw upon their full repertoire of expertise and resources in collaboration with teachers, learners, and academic support partners to transform the teaching and learning experience. 

EiTEX library will provide more customized, user centered services, including adopting mobile technologies to help users manage their personal information needs, meeting information needs of professionals and alumni, contributing expertise to Textile ,Garment, Lather ,Merchandize and fashion technology of  information systems being deployed on campus and throughout the state, and promoting unique resources to the global community. The library promotes the development of self-learning and meets users’ needs and expectation. Build foundation of the library’s physical and virtual spaces that respond to the changing habits of its users by providing open access to cultural, intellectual, and informational resources both in print and technologies. Therefore, EiTEX Library Services requires plan that will improve its capacity.


The EiTEX Library provides collections, expertise, services, and facilities that are essential to achieve the University’s mission of teaching- learning, research, and community service for the campus community, all Campuses of BDU, across the state and around the world to enrich the dynamic information landscape.


In meeting the University’s vision, in 2017 according to Ethiopian calendar to be the first three of best ten African academic research universities, our library aspire to be a leader among academic research libraries in meeting user’s evolving knowledge-creation and knowledge-management needs of the institute. 


Achieving this vision requires that the library administrative divisions strengthen their commitment and provide leadership to:

  • Identify users’ needs, measure the impact of library services on users, and use results to improve student, institute, and library performance;
  • Explore and apply new technologies to advance the creation and dissemination of knowledge, ensure service success, and increase library efficiency;
  • Promote and encourage innovation and intelligent risk-taking;
  • Collaborate with internal and external partners as a key approach to creating new library roles and practices;
  • Foster a diverse environment that is marked by integrity, inclusiveness, and respect;
  • Develop and employ staff expertise in EiTEX to create a cohesive, team-based culture that meets users’ needs;
  • Track and shape the environment in which collections and other information resources and services are created and used; and
  • Leverage existing and new resources to achieve the Library’s goals. 



The circulating collection refers to all publications that are found in the EiTEX Library. All circulation books are arranged by DDC call numbers from 000-999.Circulation services support continuous and transformative learning experiences by engaging in all aspects of the educational continuum. This administrative division provides the available library materials in print formats just in time based on user request and to serve the informational, educational and intellectual needs of  EiTEX community. This unit strives to offer fast, free and fair library service as well as provide full access to library materials for users. Besides, this unit also provides reservation and document delivery services to users. Moreover, the unit provides fast and user friendly online service through which user check circulation information from their office and home to reserve, borrow as well as renew the material that they would like to use. 


The Digital Library Services would be responsible for developing innovative digital services and Institutional Repository in collaboration with EiTEX scholars and other external stakeholders. This team establishes a premier infrastructure for digital libraries using which the Library provide its user electronic resources on various disciplines through Library Web Page. EiTEX library has Institutional Repositories in which publication that produced by EiTEX community will be posted and accessed by users through the digital library system.


1.  Support continuous and transformative learning experiences by engaging in all aspects of the educational continuum.

  •  Assist students and faculty in all disciplines to engage with, create, and transform works in both analog and digital forms as a regular part of their coursework.
  • provide virtual and physical library environments that inspire creativity, discovery, innovation, and collaboration.
  • Extend library teaching and learning support beyond the bounds of location and constraints of the academic schedule.


 2. Foster researchers’ success by providing active support of collections throughout the research lifecycle, from identification of the problem through dissemination of results.

  • Provide strong collections and develop new mechanisms for delivering them to researchers.
  • Provide researchers with the space, tools, and information assistance they need to successfully conduct research and manage research results
  • Support the dissemination and preservation of research results and the measurement of their impact.


  3. Improve capacity to overall success and represents a significant investment in building or realigning key assets of the library.

  • Equip and support library staff to demonstrate the skills, abilities, attitudes, and knowledge that will make them sought-after partners and effective leaders.
  • Provide physical facilities and virtual environments that enable research, teaching, learning, and engagement to flourish.
  • Implement and support the best technologies to improve users’ success in an environment of rapid and continuous change.
  • Pursue new sources of funding and redirect existing funding toward the Library’s strategic priorities.
  •   Demonstrate and communicate library value.

 It gives great pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome!

It is the mission of the Academic (EiTEX) Library to provide the educational resources needed to meet the academic and research demands of the institution. The Library is the center for learning materials and it serves as an important teaching agency by providing bibliographic advice. Formal and informal instructions are given in the use of the Library to students through the orientation classes as well as bibliographic instruction as requested. The programs and services of the Library are geared toward implementing the mission of the University with the specific objectives of meeting the educational needs of the University and to provide community service.

The vision of the Library is to be a user –centered Library service that advances the University teaching, inspires research and energizes learning through quality collections and digital content, innovative services and programs for producing responsible citizens that transform the living of Ethiopian community.

The functions of the Library are:

1. To establish and maintain a range and quality of services and resources that will complement and strengthen the academic programs of the University.

 2. To encourage optimal use of the resources.

 3. To provide information literacy training to classes and user guidance.

 4. To provide resources in a variety of formats to meet varied user needs.

5. To provide technical expertise for maintaining the Library resources.

6. To create, maintain and preserve locally produced knowledge within the University and provide free access to the users.

7. Exhibit the library recourses to users

8. To provide a comfortable and quiet working space for users.

Exhibit the library resources to users

Even more advantages

•      Demonstrates the value of the library in a tangible way

•      Features parts of an academic library’s large collection and increases their visibility

•      Showcases unique and special items

•      Provide us with a different way of communicating the value of our work.


 Giving awareness to users on how to use library resources effectively and Awarding Certificate of appreciation for participants who had participated on Library and Departmental Values Exhibition (LDVE 2018)

The following ideas had presented

1.      Giving awareness to users on how to use library resources effectively

Ø  Manual services

Every working day the librarian is on duty to answer questions and help researchers and visitors to find material manually. The borrowing system is manual

Ø  Technical services & Digital services

A technical services librarian specializes in acquiring, organizing and preserving all kinds of library materials. Careers in Library Technical Services can include the following areas:

Acquisitions – purchasing materials like books, electronic resources, videos, games, etc. for a library Collection Development & Management – the selection of materials acquired by the library based on type of the library, mission, and audience.

Cataloging – the description of materials in the library providing access for users and staff through an online catalog Classification – the organization of materials in a library by a schedule such as Dewey Decimal for retrieval by subject Preservation & Archives – the care and preservation of the materials in a library incorporating binding, conservation techniques, and digitization

Continuing Resources – the acquisition, organization, and access for materials published in a series such as magazines, periodicals, journals in both print and electronic.

The internet has already had a major impact on how people find and access information, and now the rising popularity of e-books is helping transform  our reading habits. In this changing landscape, EiTEX libraries are trying to adjust their services to these new realities while still serving the needs of patrons who rely on more traditional resources.  Many library patrons are eager to see libraries’ digital services expand, yet also feel that print books remain important in the digital age and we had started.

The availability of free computers and internet access now rivals book lending and reference expertise as a vital service of libraries.

2.      Certificate of appreciation

The Certificate of appreciation for participants who had participated on Library and Departmental Values Exhibition conducted by the Library service office of Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology from October 16 - 20, 2018 had awarded.

To initiate students reading ability; to inform students different books in the library for each subject and department and to help students what books they read in their leisure time and to identify text book to student ratio.

Contact Person:

                       Semahegn Ayalew

Library Service Director

Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology

P.O Box: 1037

Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia