Basic Engineering and Science Research and Innovation Center (BES-RiC)

        1. About BES

 The BES-RiC is one of the research and innovation centers under the Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology- EiTEX, Bahir Dar University. The center is among the six research and innovation centers in the institute that were established in 2014. BES-RiC is a multi-disciplinary academic center that encompasses academia and studies to produce transformational systems along with its staff and students who are proficient at research and innovation. In line with the stated missions and vision of the institute, the center aim is to excel in research, innovation, dissemination activities and providing efficient support to the textile, apparel and leather industries and related sectors.

The center guides research areas that are multidimensional which range from social, natural and applied sciences to communication and basic engineering, which are very fundamental to all engineering and technology professions. The center works on problem-solving through implementing applicable research and disseminates its outcomes to the science and academic community through publication, technology transfer and community-based activities including training. In addition, the center undertakes joint research with the other RiC’s in the institute and also delivers science and engineering, social science and statistical study courses in relation to textile, garment and leather engineering programs.

        2. Vision of BES-RiC

To undertake joint researches with the other research and innovation centers in the institute and become one of the three recognized research center for its problem solving and transferable research to the society in the textile, apparel and leather sector in Africa in 2025.

       3. Mission of BES-RiC

To create a suitable environment in which scholars and students scale up their academic excellence and potential by involving in science, engineering, statistical, and social science research activities. Then, transferring acquired knowledge and skills in a systematic way to the communities and industries at the regional and national levels.

        4. Laboratory Facilities4

To undertake effective research and teaching-learning process, the center has equipped with five laboratories; two for computer-based studies, two for mechanical and related engineering studies and one for English language improvement that is organized and managed based on the KAIZEN principle. The center provides applied research, design and prototype development service to EiTEX staff and students engaged in research, training, reviewing the curriculum, updating teaching materials, mobilizing staff for professional community services and any other related activities. The following Figures show certain images of facilities found in respective laboratories.

Figure 1: Mechanical workshops’ photo