Apparel Production RIC


The Center of Research and Innovation for Apparel production is one of the centers in Ethiopian Institute Textile and Fashion Technology, EiTEX. The center is established in the year 2011 and is among the four pillar center in EiTEX by the name Center of Competence for Apparel production. As a purpose in the institute the center is launched among other development programs to excel in research and research supporting activities aimed at providing efficient Garment/Leather Engineers/Technologists and Fashion Designer to the market in the fields of  Apparel Design, Apparel Manufacturing and Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. With this regard the center supports the stakeholders and the nation as a whole supplying transferable knowledge and skills through continuous and effective teaching learning and research. On the spot at the ground the center is engaged on ensuring quality teaching-learning process, problem solving and transferable research and training and outcome based dissemination activities in line with the stated goals of the institute cascaded from the requirements of the sector as per the plan of the government.

The vision of the center is to become one of the best research and innovation centers in the area of Garment, Leather and Fashion Design in Africa in 2025 recognized for its problem solving and transferable research to society. It is established with the mission of establishing a suitable environment by which students and scholars scale-up their academic excellence and potentials by involving in research activities and transferring acquired knowledge and skills in as systematic way to industries and community at regional and national level.

As the Center, we are looking for talented, sincere and enthusiastic people who can contribute effectively and strive to take the Institute to greater heights.

We welcome Individuals with a positive orientation, people who are proactive and wish to impact the society at large.

The Apparel production Research and Innovation center has emerged as the premier center of for Design, Engineering and Technology, developing professionals for taking up leadership positions in fashion business in the emerging local & global scenario.

EiTEX has set academic standards and excelled in thought leadership by providing a pool of creative genius and technically competent professionals. The Apparel production Research and Innovation Center provides a common platform for Garment, fashion & Leather education, research and training.

The curriculum at the Center allows students to easily blend into a global network, as well as acquire a greater appreciation of local industry trends. The multidisciplinary and broad-based structure aims at an all-round development of students. Deriving from the changing paradigms of industry and commerce, its content as well as the methodology is constantly reviewed by academia and industry experts with the need based.

Our graduates make a career out of figuring out how to do things better, smarter, safer, cheaper, greener, healthier, more humane. Our graduates pride themselves on providing the best solutions. We teach skills and attitudes that ensure our students a successful career in Fashion Design, Garment Engineering, Leather Engineering and Textile & apparel Merchandising. Our undergraduates can count on the applied education that employers are looking for, and our Internship Program help the student to get valuable practical experience.

With one of the most dynamic Garment Engineering, Leather Engineering Fashion Design and Textile & Apparel Merchandizing programs in the country, we offer unique opportunities to explore training and research in both the more technical and the more human-oriented aspects of engineering and design, and a rich community within which to pursue graduates studies.

Welcome to Apparel production Research and Innovation Center at EiTEX.

At EiTEX Apparel production research and innovation center is the center of excellence for Apparel Design, Garment Manufacturing and Leather apparels. We make the Symbol of Personalities.


Undergraduate: Garment Engineering (B.Sc.), Fashion Design (B.Sc.), Leather Engineering (B.Sc), Textile and Apparel Merchandising (B.Sc.), Garment Technology (B.Ed.), and  Fashion Design(B.Sc Extension).

Postgraduate: Fashion Technology (M.Sc), Fashion Design (M.Sc), Leather Product Designing and Engineering (M.Sc), Garment Technology (M.Ed), and Fashion Technology (PhD).

Important Academic Activities

Survey and Documentation: As part of the mini project, students undertake field visits to closely interact and work with Local tailors and micro & small enterprise and to add value to their products.

Educational Visits: Students visit industrial units to integrate theory with practice.

Industry Internship: Students intern for 14 to 16 weeks to understand the structural and functional constituents of the industry. During the internship, students learn to adapt to real industry situations and are assigned practical projects, which equip them for decision-making in a realistic environment. The internship also helps strengthen the relationship between industry and students.

Diploma Project/ Design Collection: The graduation project undertaken by students encapsulates the various skills imbibed during the course of study. The industry-sponsored project provides a challenging platform for students to extend and demonstrate academic learning.

2. Research

The Center is identifying the thematic research projects that could have a major impact on national development specially to carry out different research which is very useful for the growth of the sector. In this manner we undertake basic and applied research in the area of New Garment product design and development, Apparel fit and sizing, Increment of productivity in garment industry, Quality system and assurance for garment, Work study and ergonomics, marketing strategy for apparel product, Competitiveness in the value chain of  Ethiopian Textile and Garment Sector. Our core research expertise is in the Improving Productivity and Reducing Cost in Garment Industry, Modern Sewing Machines and Attachments on Productivity, Performance Appraisal and Development Systems in Quality Management, Utilization of Textile/Apparel Waste, Modeling & optimization of Fabric-Cutting problem, manufacturing process investigation for optimization of footwear Industry.

Apparel Production Research And Innovation Center Research Thematic Areas But Not Limited.

  • Productivity improvement

  • Product development and innovation

  • Sustainable manufacturing  

  • Apparel Fit and sizing

  • Manufacturing  Automation and new technology involved in the clothing sector

  • Study on resource utilization and production cost reduction tools and techniques

  • Marketing researches on the Ethiopian apparel sector

 3. Facilities, Laboratories, and Production Center

In Apparel Production research and innovation Center, Research and teaching is supported by high grade different equipment and machines in thirteen different laboratories and Production centers. There is one production center that will the host of teaching learning research and income generation center for the institute as well as universities.

The Apparel Production research and innovation Center has variety of Garment producing latest and computerized machines from design to production which is arranged in twelve laboratories and also one standard Production Center which is under Renovation. All laboratories have standard satellite stores for fabrics and accessories. All laboratories arranged as per KAIZEN principles and the usage and utilization of resources in each lab is governed by the laboratory management system.

The facilities in Apparel Production center of competence laboratories are listed below.

  • Three Pattern Making laboratories

  • Three Garment construction Laboratories

  • Two CAD in Pattern Making Laboratories

  • One Advanced Pattern Making and Body Scanner Laboratory

  • One leather Construction Laboratories

  • One Cutting and garment finishing laboratories

Totally Ten (10) teaching Learning laboratories are fully equipped to support the teaching learning and research activities in the center.

5.  Service

By building initiatives in problem solving and transferable research and technology outputs the center provides technical support to the community at large. We provide testing services and consultancy to textile finishing industries and fiber research institutions and manufacturers.  All work is subject to strict confidentiality agreements. Major testing services are:

The Centre also provides different service for income generation for the development of internal revenue for the institute.

The product & service we provide:

1. Uniform Production

2. Student gown Production

3. Production of bags (used for Casual, Conference, Festival etc.)

4. Production of Work Wear

5. Production of cafeteria and Kitchen cloth

6. Testing of garment for quality parameter

7. Consultation for Large Garment & Leather Industry as well as Small & micro enterprise

8. Training on Product development, CAD, Garment production, Quality, Marketing &     Merchandising

9. Traditional cloth production etc.


8.   Community service , Technology Transfer and consultancy services

Moreover the center is doing on transferring different knowledge, skills and technology in the area of Garment and leather for the community by identifying the sectors.

Selected organization:

1. Garment industries,

2. Small and micro enterprise and

3. Vocational & Technical schools and other educational institutes

Transferred Technology:

1.Training Maintenance and Operation of heavy duty sewing machine 

2.Training on Designing and pattern making 

3.Training on Cutting and garment utilization

4.Training on computer Aided Designing for design, Pattern Making and Lay planning

5.Training on Productivity increment by work study

6.Training on How to produce a quality product using different quality tools

7.Kaizen Principles and Implementation and Lab-Management System

8.Process control in the Garment Industry

9. Additional pictures for the laboratories





Contact Person:
Director of Apparel Production RiC

 Ethiopian Institute of Textile & Fashion Technology (EiTEX)

 Fax: +251 582 266246

 P. O. Box 1037 

 Bahir Dar University,  Bahir Dar, Ethiopia