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The goal of Student Services at EiTEX is to provide students with the resources to achieve their full potential, both within the institute community and in society as a whole. We are dedicated to supporting the academic and personal endeavors of every student through advocacy, leadership and partnership. 
At the EiTEX, students are not only provided with high-quality academic programs, but also with opportunities to balance their learning with some other co-curricular events and off-campus life activities. Students can get involved with industry visits, or join any of the on-campus associations and committees.  Among the EiTEX’s own facilities are state-of-the-art computer resources, testing laboratories, workshops and Library.

 2nd International Technology and Research Education Day, May 2018

Ethiopian institute of textile and fashion technology is a pioneer technology institute in Ethiopia for textile and apparel higher education training, research and community service. EiTEX planned to become one of the leading institutes in Africa in the field of textile and apparel by the year of 2025. 

Therefore, the student union of the institute has taken the initiation to celebrate Institutional Technology and Research Exhibition Day/ITRED/ every year. The exhibition Day is celebrated to commemorate our student’s technological innovations and excellence.

The main objective of ITRED is to introduce the research activities and technologies developed by the students every year to the community of the university and public. This year ITRED is marked as “Technology day enables to achieve our vision”. On this occasion ITRED is symbolic of our scientific inquiry and technological excellence, and a translation of that quest into an integrated scientific, societal and industrial approach. It marks not only our technological innovations but their successful commercialization making the fruits of painstaking research available to the people at large.

ITRED is a multi-purpose festival includes public speeches, awards to the researchers and high scorers, exhibition of the project as well as creativity work of the students and discussion forums.

The students of our institute are full with ideas and project. They are harnessing technology to find solutions to day-to-day problems of the textile and apparel manufacturing sectors. We also emphasized on develop new technology which can bring substantial welfare benefits to the society.

In order to place the institute amongst the top three institutes in Africa the students must use their tireless efforts and missionary enthusiasm. ITRED is the way which helps for increasing the student’s participation in research. We are now working towards a technological revolution aimed at empowering the students of our institute.

We must not rest on our success as this achievement of start instead, it should push us to further up-grade our existing technologies. With rapid changes occurring in science education and research, only those countries having a technological edge will emerge successful in the competitive global market.

EiTEX Student Union Representatives

The EiTEX student union representatives prepare a discussion forum of class representatives, academic committees and peer leaders of each programs within stakeholders of the institute on the issue of learning and teaching process of 2nd semester and other services of the institute. The discussion was taken place on March 18, 2018.

The high scorer of EiTEX female students were awarded by assistant professor Addisu Ferede prepared by the student union female affairs based on first semester GPA of the students and on the programs experience sharing by Mss. Selam Tsegaye and different entertainment was taken place. The program was taken place on March 25, 2018.

Opening speech on the award program by the scientific director of EiTEX 

the first annual technology day has organized and hosted by students' union representatives and students of EiTEX

The students took the initiation in organizing and hosting the event on April, 30/ 2017. The event had included exhibition, research work presentation and a panel discussion which all the activities including printing and dispatching leaflets about the event were handled by the students.

The event was interesting, for it encouraged students’ creativity and innovation, research and technology transfer strategies. Attending the event, delegates from the Bahir Dar University and different offices acknowledged the students passion and commitment in taking their share in science and technology.