Community Service and Technology Transfer



EiTEX Community Service and Technology Transfer

The Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology (EiTEX) was established as a Textile Technology Department in 1963 under Bahir Dar Poly Technique Institute. For about 33 years the training program was in the level of Diploma and Advance Diploma in the field of Textile Technology. In 1996 the Department of Textile Technology changed to Textile Engineering Department and the training program correspondingly promoted to Degree level.Far along in 2009 the Textile Engineering Department of Engineering Faculty under Bahir Dar University promoted to Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology. Until the recent time the Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology is the prime institute in supplying trained labor force for Ethiopian textile and apparel sector industries for last five decades. After its establishment, as an institute, EiTEX has stated, its mission and vision that will be enabled it strong for academic training, research and outreach activities in national as well as in Regional level in Textile, apparel and leather sectors.

To address the outreach activities, EiTEX community service and Technology Transfer Office began its duty by reviewing all possible channels in EiTEX against conventional technology transfer channels between universities, industries and the surrounding communities being used elsewhere.  The most common and effective Community service and technology transfer activities so far EiTEX engaged in addition to the human embedded knowledge transfer, are:

  •  Institute-industry cooperative research.
  •  Feasibility study in Textile Apparel and leather sector.
  •  Consultancy service for large and small-scale industries.
  •  Short-term training in Textile Apparel and leather sector.
  •  Incubation of social enterprise in the handloom sector in collaboration with ITC.
  •  Prototype development of machinery for small-scale manufacturers in the sector.
  • Testing service of cotton, yarn, fabric, leather, and related materials for different institutions and industries.

EiTEX is working with different stake holders and institutions in the sector to address the outreach activities, some of these are:

  • Textile, Garment, and leather industries.
  • TVET and poly technique collages.
  • Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute.
  • Leather Industry Development Institute.
  • International Trade Center (ITC).
  • Regional SME

EiTEX is working to strengthen the Institute-Industry linkage through applied research, training and technology transfer delivery ultimately for the communities, industries of the sectors by which it stands.

Some examples of such activities are:

  •   Developing antimicrobial socks for T&T socks factory.
  •   Removal of dark color contamination from dyed fabric In Almeda Textile Factory.
  •   New Product Development for Military Uniform using Vat Dye, Almeda Textile Factory.
  •   Cost effective wet processing, Bahir Dar textile Sc and Kombolcha Textile Sc.
  •   Improving efficiency and productivity In GMM garment factory.

Nature in Textile-And Textile arts in Nature

Our Mother Nature is delivering its boundless gifts to the people of this universe together with unreserved effort of academician’s who passed through the journey of education. Here in EiTEX, Natural dyeing practical based training was one of the typical examples by which, we are using the gift of our surrounding.

 Pattern from paper to Leather to enhance Foot ware

An integrated and joint training with Bahirdar polytechnique college  for Micro and Small  enterprise activators who have been engaged on homemade shoe fabrication in Bahirdar town.

Implementing Practical Hand weaving After Intensive Training

Eitex for Micro and small scale enterprise is a real practical training delivery place and venue for Modern Hand Weaving technology incubations.

EiTEX Community Service and Technology Transfer

EiTEX Community Service and Technology Transfer office and Bahirdar polytechnique college on Gap analysis and Reverse Engineering work on Pedal driven & manually operated Ashford Company hand spinning machine for the local spinners situated around Bahirdar town. 100 %Copied with the existing local materials and Ready for Training of manufactures and Multipliers.

 Cotton based menstrual pad design and fabrication training for Tana Hayik Preparatory school-(Bahir Dar).

EiTEX Scientific Director, Community service & Technology transfer office members Amhara National regional state TVET bureau members and Bahirdar poly technique college deans and department heads visit on Textile, garment and Apparel based training institution in western Gojjam zone and bahirdar town for an integrated work in the region.

 Contact person:

                   Gezahegn Andargie [Lecturer]

Community Service and Technology Transfer Officer

Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology

Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

P.O. Box: 1037