Narga Garment Teaching and Production factory

Narga Garment Teaching and Production factory, Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology (EiTEX) which has constructed a building in Abay Mado, Kebele 11, near to St. Gabriel church started operation three years ago. The factory has a total of 106 sewing machines with different varieties and also knitting machines which are 2 single jersey circular knitting machines (plain and jacquard), 2 Double jersey Circular knitting machines (Rib and interlock), 3 Flat knitting machines (Prottiy, Stoll) and 3 Socks knitting machine(Santoni).

The company’s textile outputs are mainly medical wear which is 100% waterproof seam-sealed, other types of outdoor clothing and also jeans, shirt, trouser, T-shirt, jacket, dresses, blouses, workwear, military wears & other fashionable clothes. Product types which are produced in Narga Garment Teaching and Production factory are:  

    •  Face Mask
    •  T-shirt
    • Work Wear
    •  Trouser
    • Shirt

Our garment factory principles and plans are:

    • Serving as a practical support session for EiTEX students
    • Producing and marketing.

The basic planning process in clothing manufacture includes:

  • Receiving the order;
  • Proper planning to check if there is sufficient plant capacity is available to achieve the delivery date specified;
  • Checking availability of cut parts and panels in all areas of operation;
  • Checking if there is ample time to order and receive fabric, trims, approve sample, lab testing, etc.
  • Confirmation of the delivery date to the customer;
  • Proper communication between parties for smooth flow of the process;
  • Monitoring progress against plan;
  • Re-plan if required;
  • For the operations, we do have efficient and sufficient skilled manpower and separately managed with a responsible manager.

Contact Person: 

Abrham Destaw [Lecturer]

Coordinator of Narga Garment Teaching and Production factory

Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology

Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar/Ethiopia

Mobile:  +251-921269867


P.O.Box: 1037