Fiber Science & Technology

M.Sc  in Fiber Science and Technology

‘The first elite centre of excellence in Africa’ 

Fibre Science and Technology is a field of specialization that applies the principles of the basic fields of chemistry, physics and material science to the understanding of fibres and polymers inclusive of their manufacturing/production, structure and property correlations.

The Master of Science in Fibre Science and Technology degree program emphasizes the fundamental principles of fibre/polymer science and analysis, cotton science and technology, production and manufacturing technology of textile fibres, structure, property and application of textile materials. The program is highly relevant to many of the fibre/polymer, plastics, retail and textile industries, as well as environmental and related science. The program also gives deepened knowledge about the applications of conventional and high performance textile materials. This graduate program in Fibre Science and Technology addresses the advancements in science and technology and as well the applicable technology of manufacturing in relation to production and analysis of textile materials.

 Expected Career Options

The professionals of this program play a key role in one or more of the following areas: 

      •  Capable to transfer knowledge and skill in fiber and textile materials science through engaging at university capacity building.
      •  Implement Basic and Applied Research works to solve problems in manufacturing, process development and improvement of existing products.
      •  Identify problems and offer workable solutions in the short and long-term
      •  Conduct viable and techno-economic studies to establish new research projects and actual setting up of polymer, fibre and related units.
      • Engage in the revival of sick industrial units; modernization of textile units; improvement in production and productivity; quality improvement, and cost reduction.
      • Process control of textile materials sectors in the capacity of technical head.
      • New Product Design and Development, Manufacturing and Finishing.
      • Lead Quality Programs, Implement Quality Control, along with property analysis within the workplace in accordance with National and International Standards.
      • Train cross-functional teams for quality improvement and train others in design for quality.
      • Review and analyze written data and customer comments, then identify causes and actionable items.
      • Be part of the problem solving society in making decisions.
      • Conduct practical researches that contribute to innovative, optimal and efficient use of fibre and polymer products.
      • Interact effectively with experts of other disciplines. 

Areas of competent

Fiber science and technology specialization will be competent in specializations related with:

      •  Manufacturing of engineering materials including composites, technical textiles, high performance materials, medical industry and biomedical technology applications, home furnishing and construction  industries and related versatile applications.
      •  Polymer Science involving the physics, chemistry and characterization of polymers.
      •  Fiber Quality control supervisor and overall quality management.
      •  Textile material science specialists in Electro-spin and optical fibers producing  industries.
      •  Polymer synthesis expert for synthesis of polymers for electronics; liquid-crystal polymers; textile dye chemistry; morphological study of polymers and fibres.
      •  Professional leadership and managerial role in Fibre Science and Technology