Eitex Graduates Job Interview

2011 E.C EiTEX Graduates Job Interview:

HOP LUN is a leading international fashion lingerie and Swimwear company running in China, Bangladesh and Indonesia, having its head office at Hong Kong, China. Currently, the company owned Bahir Dar Industrial Park and expected to start phase one production in 2020 in two sheds with 50 production lines by employing over 3000 employees.

The company pre-screened 45 graduates of Textile engineering, Garment engineering and Textile & and Apparel Merchandizing, i.e. 15 students from each department, and invite them to take a test & make interview on August 21, 2019.

Accordingly, the invited graduates have attended introduction about the company, take Aptitude test and interviewed for the Job. The results will be displayed within 1-2 months and selected candidates will be assigned to Indonesia/China/Bangladesh for 6-9 months training in HOP LUN existing factories.