Monasteries around Lake Tana nearby Bahir Dar City

Bahir Dar is located in the North Western Ethiopia, and it is the 3rd largest city in Ethiopia. The city has an estimated population 170,000. Bahir Dar is one of the leading and best tourist destinations in Ethiopia with a variety of attractions in the nearby Lake Tana and Blue Nile River; it is also capital of the Amhara land region. The city is distinctly known for its wide avenues lined with palm trees and a variety of colorful flowers. It is also considered as one of the most beautiful, well planned, and safest cities in Africa by many standards, and in 2012, it was awarded UNESCO cities for peace Prize for managing to address the challenges of rapid social economic developments.  The city is located approximately 578km North-Northwest of Addis Ababa and an elevation of 1840m above sea level. At least two main attractions are a most see in Bahir Dar namely: Blue Nile Falls and Monasteries around Lake Tana.
Lake Tana and Monasteries Nearby Bahir Dar City