Quality Assurance & Enhancement Center

Educational Quality Assurance and Enhancement Office

The office of Educational Quality Assurance and Enhancement (EQAE) in EiTEX takes the leadership and initiative in the institutional quality assurance of the Institute. It helps the institution to make a judgment of its performance for future enhancement of services.

Quality assurance is not about processes or procedures, it is rather a mission that needs everyone attention and support (students, academic and administrative staff) to understand and practice activities in keeping with quality standardizes in the Institute. Quality work requires assessing fitness of purpose, effective management, employability of graduates, standardization of procedures and innovative teaching, learning and community engagements to keep our Institute competitive and be sustainable in this globalize education, to fulfill the mission and vision of a Institute and to contribute for the development of the country.

Development of specific protocols and procedures that governs all core and support processes is important in quality assurance activities which allow the Institute to analyze its strength and weakness thereby taking actions. These areas will cover the inputs, processes, and the output of all the system.


The vision of the Education Quality Assurance & Enhancement office is to set and monitor total quality standards that lead to the local and international accreditation and community satisfaction. It also seeks to provide accurate, timely, and reliable information to all units of EiTEX to design, develop, and implement strategies and techniques to improve effectiveness of all EiTEX units.


In response to national and international demand in education, the office aspire to see EiTEX be excellent in all aspects of its operations and offer the best services to all customers and produce competent individuals/graduates in wide spectrum of academic disciplines


The purpose of the EiTEX Educational Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policy is to ensure the delivery and maintenance of excellence in instruction, learning, acquisition, research, academic and administrative/support services, student welfare, governance and community service. These functions are supported by excellence in service delivery by management, academic and administrative/support services with quality infrastructure and physical facilities to ensure the realization of the vision, mission and strategic priorities of EiTEX.

Quality Assurance With Regard To Core And Support Functions

Teaching and learning

In ensuring quality in the area of teaching and learning, EiTEX is committed to continually seek to attain the highest possible standard in respect of input resources, implementation processes, throughputs and the final outputs. The internal development, approval and modification/termination of formal and non-formal academic programmes are aligned to the prescribed policy and procedures. External approval, accreditation, registration, recording and termination of formal programmes of EiTEX take place in accordance with the national policy requirements.

Continuous assurance and improvement of the quality of teaching and learning in programmes at EiTEX take place on a cyclic basis through the application of self- evaluation mechanisms and procedures on macro and micro levels.

Developing and implemented of demand driven, nationally and internationally recognized curricula. Attracting, developed and retained competent academic, technical and office management staffs.

Creating conducive physical environment.

 To graduate students of world class standing who demonstrate leadership by contributing creatively, critically and responsibly to their professions and vocations and to the community?


Building capacity for research including research laboratories and field facilities and standing in collaboration with industry, commerce, government and the wider community. Increasing the quality and quantity of research in national priority areas and managing research fund effectively and efficiently.

 Promoting and marketing of appropriate technologies and knowledge which provide economic, social and cultural benefits. Creating strong university-industry linkage to foster research and transfer of knowledge.

 Developing and implementing graduate and research programs responsive to national imperatives and goals, and short-term training courses and consultancy services geared to meeting public and private demands.

 Establishing collaborative activities jointly with other higher education institutions, national core scientific laboratories and others on common interests.

 Establishing research groups in thematic areas and manage their research grants autonomously. Establishing a system of recognition and reward.

Community engagement

 The assurance of quality and the improvement of teaching, learning and research components of community engagement form part of EiTEX procedures for of a Community Engagement.

Each division must constantly monitor and frequently evaluate the quantity and quality of community services rendered by its staff and students.

Enhancing community wellbeing through development interventions.

Building institutional capacity for interventions which delivers excellence in community service.

Providing competent consultancy and training services.

Linking community engagement with learning-teaching and research.

sustaining service provision through entrepreneurial activities

  Support services

Changing education and training according to client requirements for more tailored, more convenient and more cost-effective education;

Providing a range of educational services, programs and delivery methods that

are responsive to students’ needs for education and training throughout their careers;

Enhancing academic performance and community engagement of students.

Promote student maturity, student ethics, comportment (conduct and behavior), respect for ethnic and religious diversity through self-initiated associations, group discussions, or through compulsory general courses to be developed.

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