Fashion Design Technology

Fashion Design Extension Program

Fashion design is a profession that deals with the application of scientific, artistic and technological principles to the design and product development activities of fashion products

Type of study: Part time program

Some of the typical tasks the professionals are expected to deal with are:

·          Design of apparel products

·          Fashion Illustration

·          Product development

·          Pattern engineering

·          Sample making

·          Fashion styling and modeling

·          Fashion promotion and marketing

Bachelor Science in Fashion Design :Duration of study:  The  program  will  have  duration  of  5  academic  years  with  courses  covering  the  Fashion Design  Disciplines.  The  program  has  been  designed  to  produce  fashion  designers  who  are well-grounded in the fashion design skills that required by the fashion Industry.

Fashion Design Career Options

Assistant Designer                                          Costume Intern

Freelance Design                                            Computer Marker Maker

Specification Writer                                       Designer

Assistant Costume Designer                           Design Room Coordinator

Design Merchandiser                                      Wardrober/Costumer/Stylist

Costing Analyst                                              Fit Technician/Fit Specialist

Marker/Grader                                                Costume Designer

Design Director                                               Head Designer

Head of Wardrobe                                          Production Fit Coordinator

Senior Designer                                              Senior Patternmaker

Senior Technical Designer                              Owner/President

 entrepreneur etc