Journal Publications in 2024

Journal Publications in 2024: All Publications are Either Web of Science or Scopus Indexed.

No Authors' Name Title of Publication Journal DOI

Andinet Habtamu  and Million Ayele

Determination of Factors Affecting the Quality of Sized Cotton Yarn Using Screening Experimental Method

Journal of Natural Fibers

Andebet Kassaw and Million Ayele

Effect of Weft Yarn Type and Weaving Parameters on Surface Roughness and Drapeability of Woven Fabric

Journal of Natural Fibers

Dawit Tessema Ebissa and Eshetu Getahun

Development and Performance Evaluation of Biomass-Based Injera Baking Gasifier Stove: A Case Study of Clean Cooking Technologies in Ethiopia The Scientific World Journal
4 Eyasu Ferede, Tamrat Tesfaye, Million Ayele , Desalegn Atalie , Bewuket Teshome Wagaye Prediction of the Impact of Ring Spinning Machine Front Roller Rubber Cot Shore Hardness on Spun Yarn Quality Parameters Textile & Leather Review Journal
5 Biruk Abate Fenta Abdella Simegnaw Ahmmed
& Mulugeta Admasu Delele

Evaluation of water flow in cotton yarn and fabric assemblies for capillary evaporative cooling

Cogent Engineering

Abdella Simegnaw Ahmmed, Adane Dagnaw Gudayu and Melkie Getnet Tadesse

Electrical and electrothermal characterization of silver-coated Vectran and Amberstrand yarns for wearable heating

Textile Research Journal.



Melkie Getnet Tadesse, Abdella Simegnaw Ahmmed and Jörn Felix Lübben

Review on Conductive Polymer Composites for Supercapacitor Applications

Journal of Composites Science
8 Abdella Simegnaw Ahmmed Impact of hot air gun soldering process parameters on the electromechanical properties of electronic yarn Journal of the Textile Institute