Journal Publications in 2020

Journal Publications in 2020: All Publications are Either Web of Science or Scopus Indexed.

No. Authors' Name Title of Publication Journal DOI
1 Tamrat Tesfaye, Million Ayele, Eyasu Ferede, Magdi Gibril, Fangong Kong, Bruce Sithole A techno-economic feasibility of a process for extraction of starch from waste avocado seeds Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy
2 Molla Tadesse Abate Seblewongel Petros, Tamrat Tesfaye, and Million Ayele A Review on Gelatin Based Hydrogels for Medical Textile Applications Journal of Engineering
3 Esubalew Kassaw 
Adane Haile 
Melkie Getnet
Conductive Coatings of Cotton Fabric Consisting of Carbonized Charcoal for E-Textile, Coatings Coatings

Derseh Yilie limeneh,Million Ayele, Tamrat Tesfaye,

Erkihun Zelalem Liyew  & Addisu Ferede Tesema

Effect of Weave Structure on Comfort Property of Fabric Journal of Natural Fibers
5 Dereje Berihun. Adane Haile, Addisu Ferede Characterization of the Wool Fiber Physical Properties of Ethiopian Indigenous Sheep Breeds The Journal of Textile Institute
6 Abera Kechi, Tiliksew Addis & Jun Wang Analysis of the Cotton Varieties under Production in Ethiopia Journal of Natural Fibers
7 Abera Kechi, Gashaw Azene and Nalankilli Govindan Effect of Feed Water Hardness on Boiler Efficiency in Textile Industry Asian Dyer  
8 Abera Kechi, Berihun Sitotaw, Dustin Ahrendt, Yordan Kyosev Additive Manufacturing and Textiles— State‐of‐the‐Art, Applied Sciences