Journal Publications in 2021: All Publications are Either Web of Science or Scopus Indexed.

No. Authors' Name Title of Publication Journal DOI
1 Belete Baye 
Dr. Tamrat Tesfaye
The new generation fibers: a review of high performance and specialty fibers Polymer bulletin
2 Selamu Temesgen, Mirko Rennert, Tamrat Tesfaye, Michael Nase Review on Spinning of Biopolymer Fibers from Starch Polymers
3 Kakonke, Grace; Tesfaye, Tamrat; Sithole, Bruce; Ntunka, Mbuyu A Novel Method for Rapid Extraction Of Biofibres from Waste Chicken Feathers The Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Managemen  
4 Mebrahtom Teklehaimanot, Haregeweyni Hailay, Tamrat Tesfaye Manufacturing of Ecofriendly Bricks Using Microdust Cotton Waste Journal of Engineering
5 Haymanot Enawgaw, Tamrat Tesfaye, Kelem Tiessasie Yilma Derseh Yilie Limeneh Synthesis of a Cellulose-Co-AMPS Hydrogel for Personal Hygiene Applications Using Cellulose Extracted from Corncobs Gels
6 Yetanawork Teyeme, Benny Malengier, Tamrat Tesfaye, Simona Vasile, Wolelaw Endalew, Lieva Van Langenhove Predicting Compression Pressure of Knitted Fabric Using a Modified Laplace’s Law Materials 10.3390/ma14164461
7 Amare Abuhay, Wassie Mengie, Tamrat Tesfaye, Gemeda Gebino, Million Ayele, Adane Haile, Derseh Yillie Opportunities for New Biorefinery Products from Ethiopian Ginning Industry By-products: Current Status and Prospects Journal of Bioresources and Bioproducts  
8 Esubalew Dessie, Liu Fanxizi, Tamrat Tesfaye, Rotich Kipchirchir Gideon, Adane Dagnaw Gudayu & Yiping Qiu Effect of silane treatment on tensile strength, moisture absorption and thermal property of unidirectional woven mat enset fibers reinforced polypropylene composite Composite Interfaces
9 Esubalew Dessie, Tamrat Tesfaye, Liu Fanxizi, Rotich K. Gideon & Yiping Qiu Effect of Surface Treatment on the Mechanical Performance of Unidirectional Enset Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Composite Journal of Natural Fibers
10 Amare Abuhay, Wassie Mengie, Tamrat Tesfaye, Gemeda Gebino, Million Ayele, Adane Haile, Derseh Yillie New Biorefinery Products from Ethiopian Ginning Industry By-products: Current Status and Prospects

Biotechnology For Biofuels And Bioproducts
11 Adane Haile, Gemeda Gebino, Tamrat Tesfaye, Wassie Mengie, Million Ayele, Amare Abuhay & Derseh Yilie Utilization of non-wood biomass for pulp manufacturing in paper industry: case of Ethiopia
  • Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
12 Adane Haile, Gemeda Gebino, Tamrat Tesfaye, Wassie Mengie, Million Ayele, Amare Abuhay, Derseh Yilie Pulp and paper mill wastes: utilizations and prospects for high value-added biomaterials

Bioresources And Bioprocessing
13 Million Ayele , Derseh Yilie Limeneh, Tamrat Tesfaye, Wassie Mengie, Amare Abuhay, Adane Haile, and Gemeda Gebino A Review on Utilization Routes of the Leather Industry Biomass Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 10.1155/2021/1503524
14 Million Ayelea, Yohannes Merga, Amarech Yilma & Derseh Yilie Effect of yarn twist on tensile strength, abrasion and pilling resistance of plain-woven cotton fabric Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research  
15 Derseh Yilie limeneh, Kelem Tiessasie Yilma Article Review on Vectran-Super Fiber from Thermotropic Crystals of Rigid-Rod Polymer, Journal of Engineering 10.1155/2021/6646148
16 Desalegn Atalie,Pavla Tesinova,Melkie Getnet Tadess, ,Eyasu Ferede,Ionuț Dulgheriu, andEmil Loghin Thermo-Physiological Comfort Properties of Sportswear with Different Combination of Inner and Outer Layers Materials
17 Desalegn Atalie and Gashaw Ashagre Performance Properties of Half-bleached Weft Knitted Fabrics Made of 100% Cotton Ring Yarns with Different Parameters Tekstilec 10.14502/Tekstilec2021.64.188-196
18 Desalegn Atalie , Rotich Gideon, Getnet Melesse, Eyasu Ferede, Frezer Getnet, and Abiyou Nibret Thermo-physiological comfort of half bleached woven fabrics made from different cotton yarns parameters JOURNAL OF NATURAL FIBERS ,
19 Desalegn Atalie and Gideon K. Rotich The infuence of yarn parameters on thermo‑physiological comfort of cotton woven fabrics Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 10.1007/s10973-020-10454-y
20 Abebe Kebede Habtegebreal 
Abebaw Bizuneh Alemu 
U. Jaya Prakash Raju
Examining the Role of Quasi-biennial Oscillation on Rainfall patterns over Upper Blue Nile Basin of Ethiopia AIMS Environmental Science 10.3934/environsci.2021013
21 Kilole Tesfaye Chaka Beneficiation of Textile Spinning Waste: Production of Nonwoven Materials Journal of Natural Fibers 10.1080/15440478.2021.1982437
22 Asfaw Alene Shefraw Robust and Effective Banknote Recognition Model for Aiding Visual Impaired People Indonesian journal of electrical engineering and computer science  10.52549/ijeei.v9i3.2937
23 Berihun Bizuneh 
Shalemu Hailemariam 
Selam Tsegaye
A study of consumers’ pre-purchase evaluation of apparel products in Ethiopia Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal  10.1108/JFMM-08-2020-0162
24 Abdella Ahmmed Simegnaw, Benny Malengier, Gideon Rotich, Melkie Getnet Tadesse, Lieva Van Langenhove Review on the Integration of Microelectronics for E-Textile Materials
25 Melkie Getnet Tadesse, Carmen Loghin, Ionut, Dulgheriu and Emil Loghin Comfort evaluation of wearable functional textiles Materials
26 Melkie Getnet Effect of Plasma Surface Modification on Comfort Properties of Polyester/Cotton Blend Fabric, Innovative and Emerging Technologies for Textile Dyeing and Finishing Materials Research 10.1590/1980-5373-mr-2021-0021
27 Gemeda Gebino, Gezu Ketema, Adin Fanta, Gideon Rotich, Ayalew Debebe Study on efficacy of moringa stenopetala seed oil extract for antimicrobial activities on textile materials Research Journal of Textile and Apparel

28 Lijalem Melie Tesfawa 
Aragaw Bizualem Kassie 
,Belaynesh Tazebew Flatiec
Evaluating the perceptions and practices towards coronavirus and associated factors in metropolitan cities of Amhara region Ethiopia, Scientific African 10.1016/j.sciaf.2021.e01027
29 Desalegn Beshaw Aychilie , Yordan Kyosev , Rotich Gideon and Amer Dabbagh Investigation of the tensile properties of bifurcated braids Fibers and Textiles  
30 Simachew Tigabie, Desalegn Atalie, Rotich K. Gedion Physical Properties Characterization of Polyvinyl Acetate Composite Reinforced with Jute Fibers Filled with Rice Husk and Sawdust Journal of Natural Fibers 10.1080/15440478.2021.1902899
31 Biruk Fentahun Adamu  Extraction of Ethiopian Kusha fier from Ethiopian Kusha Plant by different methods and characterization of its morphological and mechanical properties Results in Materials
31 Biruk Fentahun Adamu, Jing Gao, Abdul Khalique Jhatial, Degu Melaku Kumelachew  A review of medicinal plant-based bioactive electrospun nano fibrous wound dressings Materials & Design
32 Biruk Fentahun Adamu , Desalegn Atalie , and Erkihun Zelalem Liyew Quality Evaluation of Ethiopian 100% Cotton Carded Ring Spun Yarn with Respect to USTER Standards Journal of Engineering
33 Adane Dagnaw Gudayu, Leif Steuernagel, Dieter Meiners, Rotich Gideon Characterization of the dynamic mechanical properties of sisal fiber reinforced PET composites; Effect of fiber loading and fiber surface modification Polymers and Polymer Composites 10.1177/09673911211023032
34 Gashaw Ashagre Walle, Desalegn Atalie, Ermiyas Tarekegn, Addisu Wudneh, Addisu Desalegn Prediction of Mechanical, Evenness and Imperfection Properties of 100% Cotton Ring Spun Yarns with Different Twist Levels Mehran University of Engineering and Technology 10.22581/muet1982.2201.02
35 Fitsum Etefa Ahmed, Rotick K. Gideon Development of Leather Cutting Board from Plastic Waste Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association

36 Ketema Alemu, Tariku Assefa, Ayalew Debebe, Biniyam Solomon, Yordanos Hailu Goods reinforcement from waste leather, fabric,and low-density polyethylene by using plant binder Polymer composites
37 Abera Kechi, Yimer Hassen,& Michael Rauch Easy-Care Finishing of Cotton Fiber with DMDHEU - Crosslinking Agent for High Crease Recovery Angle and Low Washing Shrinkage Properties Journal of Textile Science & Fashion Technology 10.33552/JTSFT.2021.09.000713
38 Abera Kechi, Wendwosen Ebabu1, Md. Israil Hossain1, Mehrez E. El Naggar, Shalemu Sharew Hailemariam, Fitsum Etefa Ahmed Exploration of Functional Polymers for Cleaner Leather Industry Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials
39 Terefe Belachew, Gemeda Gebino & Adane Haile

Extraction and characterization of indigenous Ethiopian castor oil bast fibre