Research and Dissemination Office


In the institute, the Research and Dissemination Office has established in 2023 as a new organogram and it is headed by a Director. The Research and Dissemination Office plays an integral role in steering the strategic direction of research initiatives within the institute. This position involves overseeing the development and implementation of research projects, ensuring they align with the organization’s goals and objectives. By managing a team of researchers and analysts, the office ensures that the research produced is of high quality, relevant, and timely. This role requires a deep understanding of the industry, as well as the ability to identify emerging trends and opportunities that can inform decision-making processes. Through collaboration with other departments, the Research and Dissemination Office helps to translate research findings into actionable strategies, thereby supporting the organization’s growth and innovation efforts. Dissemination and communication of research should be considered as an integral part of any research project. Both help in increasing the visibility of research outputs, public engagement in science and innovation, and confidence of society in research. Effective dissemination and communication are vital to ensure that the conducted research has a social, political, or economic impact. They draw attention of governments and stakeholders to research results and conclusions, enhancing their visibility, comprehension, and implementation.

Strategic Vision of R &D Office:

Our vision is to become a center of excellence in transferring education outcomes and technology from the institute to the local and regional community, becoming problem solvers and solution providers for businesses/industries organization in the society by 2025.

Strategic Mission of R &D Office:

  1. To promote and publicize our institute and faculties among businesses, industry, and the local community in the region/country level.
  2. To initiate cooperation between the academic community at the institute and local businesses.
  3. To establish links and channels between research centers at the institute and industry in the surrounding area.
  4. Strengthen and  wide spread the IIL
  5. To support and follow up internal research funding.
  6. To initiate spin off of new companies in the institute and/or surrounding.
  7. To support entrepreneurship and creativity.
  8. To foster continuous development in technology transfer, community service and research and publication in the institute.
  9. Conducting annual  national and international conferences

Publishes/disseminates research outputs

  • Establishes a reward and incentive system for publications arising from R&D activities, including commercial applications.
  • Makes preliminary review of research outputs, manuscripts, and other materials submitted for possible publication.
  • Responsible for qualitative and quantitative research activities related to the hedge fund manager selection process which includes identification, analysis, recommendation and monitoring
  • Assist in writing white papers and research studies, in a clear and compelling manner, and help create data visualizations.
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with external stakeholders, including academic institutions, industry partners, and funding bodies, to enhance research opportunities and outcomes.

Contact Person:

  •  Erkihun Zelalem (Assistant Professor)
  •  Director Research and Dissemination Office
  •  Mobile number: +251 9 43 52 05 97
  •  Email:
  •  P.O.Box: 1037
  •  Fax: +251 582 26 62 46