B.Ed. in Textile Technology

The Ethiopian government has recognized the importance and the need for establishing a large number of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions in the effort to to create a competent,  motivated,  productive ,adaptable  and  innovative  workforce  in  Ethiopia  to all sectors of the economy, at all levels and to all people. The program’s basic aim is to enhance the credentials of the TVET teachers to upgrade their knowledge and qualification in Textile Technology Discipline along with pedagogical skills to impart training to the personnel required at the shop-floor level and above needed by the Textile Industry.

 BEd. in Textile Technology

 The BEd. in Textile Technology program  in EiTEX  has duration of  3 academic years in regular, and 5 academic years in summer & distance. The  program  is  introduced by the Federal Ministry of Education for  the  production  of  “Technologist -Teachers”  who  will work  in  the  TVET  institutions  as  Teachers  of  Technology  subjects  in  the  field  of Textile Technology.

 Career Options

 B-level teachers in  the  TVET educational institutions,  various academic and administrative positions in teaching  &  training institutions, technical  training  quality experts, training program consultants , training department manager in textile industries.