Textile Production Research and Innovation Center

Textile Production Research and Innovation Center

About Textile Production

 Textile production is a major industry. It is based on the processing and conversion of natural and manmade fibers into yarns and then fabrics manufacturing depending on the requirement of final product applications. There are many variable processes and materials available starting from fiber processing, yarn manufacturing, and fabric-forming stages coupled with the complexity of the finishing and coloration process. The recent success and growth of using textiles for the customized functional application rather than aesthetics in multidisciplinary sectors are creating a new era of technological advancements and wider scope of possible application in the newly emerging area of technical textiles production. 

EiTEX Textile Production RIC is launched to be the center of excellence for the textile manufacturing process and textile machine development concerning the production of yarns and fabrics. At present, the competence center is concerned with the study of natural and man-made fibers, yarns, woven and knitted materials, technical textiles, nonwovens, products, and machinery. These include natural and manmade materials, interactions of materials with machines, safety and health, energy conservation, and waste and pollution control. Additionally, the professionals are enabled to do textile plant design and layout, textile manufacturing design improvement, and designing and creating textile products. The tasks, which professional textile engineers undertake, are too many to list them all.


The center has four focused sub-centers organized as LRI teams in the areas of yarn manufacturing Technology, Woven fabric manufacturing technology, knitted fabric manufacturing technology, and textile testing and quality control. The LRI center of specializations will facilitate teaching-learning and research activities with instructors organized under a team.  

LRI Research Thematic Areas

Yarn manufacturing LRI team                                                                                                              Fabic Manufacturing LRI Team LRI

  •   Cotton processing (optimization of process parameters, inventory control,)                                         -  Quality control in weaving mills
  •  Cotton quality and spin ability                                                                                                                -  The techno-economic survey, Financial performance, Cost control
  •   Quality control in cotton spinning mills                                                                                                 -  Energy management
  •  Air conditioning of cotton spinning mills                                                                                               -  Improvement of product quality and productivity of handloom
  •  A Framework for Estimating Savings and Losses from Product Mix,                                                   -  Technical textile (fiber composite, sanitary pad, diapers, sisal, ...)
  •  Operational and Commercial Parameters in a Spinning Mills                                                               - Development of  Fire Resistant Fabrics
  •  A Study on the Quality of Yarns Made of Man-Made Fibres and its Blends                                        -  Development of Bandages using Bamboo Fibres
  •  A Study on Packing Materials Cost in Spinning Mills

Knitting manufacturing LRI team (Thematic Areas)                                                           Testing and Quality Control LRI

  • Quality control in knitting mills                                                                                                                 -  Optimization of testing procedures and standardizing tests
  •  Operational and Commercial Parameters in a KnittingMills                                                                    -   Raw material quality assurance methods
  •  Project formulation and diversification,                                                                                                   -  Assuring production process quality parameters
  •  Evaluation of Knitting Behavior Using Artificial Neural Network                                                          -  Total quality management principles in industries
  •  A Study on the Cost & Quality of Knitted Fabrics                                                                                   -  A framework for estimating production and quality relations
  •  Survey of Ethiopian Textile Industry with reference to Knitting                                                              -  Focus on quality versus market relations
  •  Techno-economic feasibility study of setting up a new mosquito net manufacturing unit in Ethiopia.
  •  Survey of the knitters in Amhara Region especially in and around Bahir Dar.

 3. Facilities and Laboratories

At present, the center has five laboratories for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, research works, testing service, and production. Significant efforts have been made to upgrade the laboratories to an international standard level and add new technical laboratories for expanding the range of research and product development.  Additionally, there is knitting machinery for production and teaching service.

1.    Yarn Properties Testing Laboratory: - testing equipments



                2.    Fabric Properties Testing Laboratory

3.  Fabric Design Laboratory

 4.     Knitting Laboratory

  5. Textile Manufacturing Research Laboratory

 6. Textile Workshop

  4.  Services

 The center is providing services in textile education, applied research, testing service, training, product development, and production by closely interacting with the industry, small enterprises, and research and development organizations and academic institutes. 

Testing services                                                                  Production Services

 ·         Cotton fiber testing using HVI instrument                                                 -  Yarn production for the different end application 

 ·         Yarn properties testing                                                                                -   Hand woven fabric production

 ·         Sliver properties testing                                                                              -   Knitted fabric production

 ·         Roving properties testing                                                                            -   Grey fabric Sizing 

 ·         Yarn properties testing                                                                                -   Woven fabric production for different end applications

 ·         Sliver properties testing

 ·         Roving properties testing

Consultancy & training services

·         training on the operation of lab testing equipment

 ·         training on the operation of production machinery

 ·         Hand woven fabric design

 ·         productivity and quality improvement in hand loom sector

 Contact person:

Gashaw Assagre [Asst. Professor]
Director of Textile Production RiC
Ethiopian Institute of Textile & Fashion Technology (EiTEX)
Bahir Dar University
Tel.: +251 588 209291  
Mobile: +251 920 518072
Fax: +251 582 266246
P. O. Box 1037
Bahir Dar / Ethiopia