Postgraduate Programs

Postgraduate Programs Summary

 Our institute is currently running seven demand-driven postgraduate programs related to the textile sector and is getting prepared to open additional postgraduate programs that will contribute more to the growth of the sector. The list is given below under two categories with the contact address.

 To help students acquire and develop important skills like the ability to compile documents, prepare and present seminars, access and read the latest articles published in the sector, understand the current status quo of the sector, research& publish their work and finally engage in real problem-solving activities; we are following assessment methods less focused on exams. They are expected to critique review at least two up-to-date articles/book chapters/books for each course taken in addition to the oral exams and term paper presentations. We also have a weekly postgraduate seminar where each postgraduate student should attend and present at least one seminar per semester as a forum for knowledge sharing.

The Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology (EiTEX), Bahir Dar University, offers the following postgraduate programs.

Postgraduate Regular:

a)      Textile Manufacturing

b)      Textile Chemistry

c)      Fashion Technology

d)     Fiber Science & Technology

e)  Fashion Design

f) Leather Product Design & Engineering

PhD programs 

          i.     Fashion Technology  

        ii.     Textile Technology 

 PhD by research (Sandwich Program)

In collaboration with the Engineering Education capacity Building Program of the Ministry of Education and German Universities.

Core Values & Strengths

  • Well Equipped Laboratories with the latest  technology
  • One student to One machine ratio for skill-based course
  • Textile Library & Documentation centre
  • Unique research centers and  premiere academic program 

 Contact Person:

 Ayalew Debebe [Lecturer]

 Postgraduate Programs Head

 Ethiopian Institute of Textile & Fashion Technology

 Bahir Dar University

 Mobile: +251968593910

 Email: ayudebebe31481@gmail

 P.O.Box: 1037