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EiTEX Scientific Director

Many developing countries started their economic growth with the fostering of their textile industries. But such a strategy can be successful only, if this industry is competitive both on the local and international market. This means high productivity and, in particular, high quality.

The Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology (EiTEX) has the mission to educate students in the area of expertise of Design & Business, Technology & Engineering, Management & Leadership customized for textile, garment and fashion industry.  For this it needs elaborate curricula, committed teaching staff, well-equipped labs and workshops for training under production and operational conditions.

The Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology (EiTEX) is the pioneering institute in Ethiopia offering higher education in the field of textile, garment and fashion design. The institute was established in collaboration with the Russian government in 1963 as the Department in Textile Technology (Diploma level) under Bahir Dar Polytechnic Institute. The Diploma program was upgraded in 1997 to B. Sc program in Textile Engineering.

Since 2009, the institute is enjoying the institutional autonomy under Bahir Dar University. The institute, since then, had a phenomenal growth with the introduction of B. Sc programs in Textile Engineering, Garment engineering,  Fashion Design, Textile and Apparel merchandizing, Leather engineering, Textile Technology Education (B-Level Teacher) and Garment Technology Education (B-Level Teacher). Andalso introduced postgraduate (M. Sc programmes) in Textile Manufacturing, Textile chemistry, Fashion Technology, Textile technology (A-Level Teacher) and  Garment technology (A-Level Teacher) and also PhD program by research in collaboration with a German university.

Looking into the national "Growth and Transformation Plan" (GTP), 43.2% of the manufacturing sector is expected to be generated by the textile and garment sector. 2.5 Billion Worth business transaction is anticipated from the sector in import substitution and export revenue generation as of the end GTP period. This task requires highly skilled workforce and state of the art machinery, which can produce products that are competent in the global market.  The national responsibility of EiTEX is evident: produce skilled work force for the labour market and support the textile and garment industry through training consultancy and conducting applied researches. The institute also offers technical training and consultancy services to textile and garment industry and hand-loom sector. Currently, it is also focusing on giving impetus to research activities and technology transfer.

I think, it is highly visible for everybody that my Institute has taken over leadership in many areas connected to textiles and garment. I am proud of that, but I know at the same time this also means to fulfill our obligations and to meet or even surpass the expectations of the government and the Ethiopian people. Finally I want to thank all organizations, our supervisory board, our university and my staff members for their support.

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