International Partners

No Institute Country Scope of partnership
1 Texas Tech University USA Exchange of Faculty members and students, Research Data, and Educational and development programs
2 Hof University of Applied Sciences, Bavaria Germany Exchange of staff, Joint research, Support and sponsor projects, staff development and student training
3 Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India Exchange of staff, Joint research, Support and sponsor projects, staff development and student training
4 Ukraine Engineering Pedagogics Academy, Ukraine Exchange of faculty members, persons working for a doctor’s degree, graduate and undergraduate students for training, Exchange of specialties, Joint research, participation in international conferences
5 Arch Academy of Design India Research, Staff and students exchange, short –term programs
6 EPTAINKS S.P.A. Socio Unico Italy Support and sponsoring projects/fellowships, R&D projects, joint workshops and seminars, share experience, training, advertising products to company
7 Donghua University China Student trainings, joint research and innovation, exchange of technology, experience and capacity building, support and sponsor projects, staff and student exchange
8 Chengdu Textile College China  
9 Ghent University Belgium Exchange technology and experience, trainings, research and innovation, support and sponsor projects, share experience through staff student exchange
10 ETHOTECH LIMITED UK Establishing a pilot project, facilitation of machine purchase, exchange of knowledge, promote training, mentoring and market awareness, job creation and export expansion
11 Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa – Leather and Leather Products Institute (COMESA/LLPI)   Research, training, technology transfer, consultancy, exchange of programs, development of SMEs
12 Age university Turkey  Research, Staff and students exchange
13 Tiangong University China Student and Staff exchange, research
14 International Trade Center (ITC)   Handloom clusters, capacity building, Research and Design
15 Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW Berlin) Berlin University of Applied sciences Berlin, Faculty of Design and Culture Germany Student and Staff exchange, joint research, internship, workshop

Contact person:

 Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology [EiTEX]

 Bahir Dar University -EiTEX

 P.Box: 1037  Bahir Dar/Ethiopia

Tel: +251 583 205 300

Fax: +251 582 26 62 46