Facts and Figures

 Efforts are continuously made to maintain and improve the quality of the teaching staff by their continuous education to higher levels; whenever there is a shortage in a specific area, measures like recruitment of expatriate members are also undertaken to maintain the quality of the programs. As could be seen from the tables given below, the Institute has a rich diversity of disciplines in the staff members and this is particularly important when one considers that the Textile Engineering, Garment Engineering, Leather Engineering, Fashion Design Technology, and Merchandize fields are truly ‘multidisciplinary’ in nature. The Institute aims to foster the diversity of the teaching staff members in various disciplines without losing sight of maintaining a large proportion of staff members firmly anchored in the core disciplines of Textile, Garment, Leather, Fashion Design, and Merchandize field. Currently, the Institute has a total of 232 academic staff.

Summary of EiTEX  Academic Staff List in 2022:

Student Enrolment 2021/22