Biology Undergraduate program

Undergraduate Biology students are offered a number of Major, supportive and common courses.

Biology major students take 78 credit hours of compulsory major courses, 14 credit hours of supportive courses and 12 Credit hours of general courses. Furthermore, interested students can also take 2 elective courses during the last semester.

Admission requirements: Candidates should successfully complete the Preparatory Program or equivalent with pass mark in natural science; or have equivalent qualification; as per the admission rules and regulations of the university and ministry of Education or have diploma in biology or other related biological disciplines from any accredited higher learning institutions.

Duration: regular program takes 3 years and summer program takes 6 years.

Graduation requirements: a minimum CGPA of 2.00, major GPA of 2.00 with no ‘’ F ’’ in any course.

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Biology.

Future career paths and opportunities

Graduates of biology can choose different career paths. Employments in areas such as agriculture, health and others are available. They can be employed as biology teacher in universities and in secondary schools and as a researcher in different research institutes.