Biology Postgraduate Program

M.Sc. in Biology


The objective of the program is to train students in Bachelor of Science and Master of Science level who can take up position in various disciplines such as teaching, agriculture, health, environmental conservation, and industries.


Graduate program

Graduate program in Biology offers a number of advanced courses and graduate students can specialize in Botanical sciences, Applied microbiology or Zoological sciences. Students must take 16 Credit hours of major courses and 9 credit hours of common courses and thesis work.


Admission requirements: B.Sc or B.Ed degree in biology or an equivalent professional certification (such as general agriculture, forestry, animal sciences, plant sciences, health sciences) from a recognized higher education institution and other entrance requirements set by the University.

Duration: Normally, regular program takes 2-3 years and summer program takes 4 summers.

Graduation requirements: successful completion of all courses and thesis work which must be written and defended, and must receive a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 with no F grade.

Degree awarded: Master of Science Degree in Biology (including student’s area of specialization)


Future career paths and opportunities

Graduates of biology can choose different career paths. Employments in areas such as agriculture, health and others are available. They can be employed as biology teacher in universities and in secondary schools and as a researcher in different research institutes.