Basic Engineering and science Research and Innovation Center

Basic Engineering and Science Research and Innovation Center (BES RIC)

1. About BES 

Basic Engineering and Science(BES) Research and Innovation Center is a multi-disciplinary academic center that encompasses academia and studies to produce transformational systems along with its staff and engineering students who are proficient at innovation.

The center guides courses and research areas that are multidimensional and range from social, natural, and applied sciences, to communication and basic engineering, which are very fundamental to all engineering and technology professions. Furthermore, the center stresses conducting research and bringing about innovations in the multidisciplinary areas of basic science & engineering to support the academic performance of students in a meaningful way by laying the foundation work for the improvement of the professional profile EiTEX is aspiring to create. Therefore, the center is responsible for complementing all basic academic needs and making the students maintain the general competencies expected to be achieved in their stay in EiTEX.

The Basic Engineering and Sciences research and innovation center (BESs-RiC) is one of the research and innovation centers in the  Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology- EiTEX. The center is established in 2014 and is amongst the four pillars of the research and innovation centers in EiTEX.

As a purpose in the institute, the -RiC is launched among other development programs to excel in research, innovation, and dissemination activities aimed at providing efficient support to the textile industry and related sectors. The center is aimed to support the other three RIC’s by delivering basic engineering and Science courses in relation to textile garment and leather engineering programs and social science and statistical study courses.

In general, the RiC is engaged for all related coursework delivery and availing the ground for industry need-based support and delivery of efficient graduates to the market in all fields that EiTEX trains. 

In addition to the teaching-learning process, the center is working on problem-solving and applicable research. Moreover, the center disseminates research outcomes to the science and academic community through publication. Also, technologies and community-based activities have been parts of the knowledge and skill imparting process that includes training. These activities are in line with the stated missions and vision of the institute cascaded from the expectations of the sector as per the plan of the government.

2.1 English Language Improvement Center(ELIC)

ELICs (English language improvement centers) according to the Ministry of Education serve as resource centers and run different clubs to provide exposure for better learning and communication in English. They also deliver training to build the capacity of English language instructors, academic, administrative, and support staff and students. Almost all established universities already have an ELIC. In the same way, efforts are being exerted to launch ELIC at the Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology (EiTEX), the center is established in 2016 and focuses on the improvement of the staffs’ and students’ English language awareness and use for different purposes through developing their competences; such as academic competence and professional competence by providing various opportunities. Those opportunities include clubs, events, and professional and peer motivations.

2.2 Research Groups

BES RIC besides the course work delivery it’s designed to undertake research works with the platforms made, those platforms are defined based on thematic areas for better output. The thematic areas are organized based on a modularly categorized course delivered and research works and implementation groups named as (LRI)-Learning Research and Implementation teams.


English Language (Thematic Areas)

  •  Cultivate the habits of critical thinking and develop sensitivity to the clear and accurate use of the English language
  • Build a capacity to write and publish technical research papers to impart knowledge to global audiences


Mathematics (Thematic Areas)

  • Basic mathematical analysis for solving engineering problems
  • Efficient scientific programming using computational techniques

Mechanical Engineering  (Thematic Areas)

  •  Skill development in analysis and design of thermodynamic systems
  •  Understanding material properties for engineering applications
  •  Basics of instrumentation and their working principle.

Social Science (Thematic Areas)

  •  Equip with acceptable personal moral values, ethics, positive relations, and democratic thinking
  •  Developing skills in constructing sound  arguments
  •  Capacitating in critically evaluating arguments


The BES center of research and innovation has two computer laboratories and one mechanical workshop. Both the laboratory and mechanical workshop are arranged as per KAIZEN principles and the usage and utilization of resources in each lab are governed by the laboratory management system.

The laboratories and the workshop are integrated as pilot plants that are equipped with different machines for the manufacturing of machine parts especially for research works undertaken by researchers and students.


3.  Facilities

To facilitate effective learning, we have two laboratories for computer-based courses and two mechanical workshops for mechanical and related engineering courses. These practical–oriented courses are handled by instructors in conjunction with eight lab assistants for the activities in the labs and the workshops.

The Labs and workshops are organized and managed based on the KAIZEN principle.

4.  Services

The center is providing educational, training, applied research, design, workshop prototype manufacturing service facilities to EiTEX staff and students engaged in researchers. Besides the above-mentioned reviewing activities of curriculum and updating teaching materials, providing professional community services and necessary materials and human resources. 

 Contact person

Kilole Tesfaye [Lecturer]

Director of Basic Engineering and Science Research and Innovation Center

Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology [EiTEX]

Bahir Dar University

Mobile: +251910115793

Fax: +251582266246


P.Box: 1037