Getting to Bahir Dar

How to get to Bahir Dar?

Bahir Dar is a well-connected city and one of Ethiopia's largest cities. Visitors have a variety of transportation options, including airline, car, and bus.

The airport in Bahir Dar is located 8 kms west of the city center. Ethiopian Airlines operates several daily flights from Addis Ababa, the country's primary flight operator. Hotel shuttles or Taxis are availble to get to the city. 

Tourists are permitted to drive their own vehicle for three months with an international driver's license. To drive a local vehicle or for a time longer than three months, you must have an Ethiopian driver's license.

By road, Bahir Dar is 555 kms north-east of Addis Ababa (national highway A3) or 491 kms using A3 and B31 national highways. Daily buses (and private minibuses) run from Addis Ababa. Although minibuses are more expensive than buses, they are significantly speedier.

Local travel tickets will be covered for invited guests and paper presenters.  Please contact Mr. Agmasie Bantie for more information.