BDU-EiTEX: To become a foundation and steering board member of the “BELT & ROAD WORLD TEXTILE UNIVERITY ALLIANCE”

An international conference was held on “2018 Textile and Fashion Education World Conference (TFEWC 2018)organized by Donghua University at Shanghai, China from December 7-10, 2018. Around 33 country universities have participated in the international conference which is the 1stTextile and Fashion Education World Conference. Academicians and experts on textile, apparel and fashion from different world countries made presentations on the textile education experience of their university and variety of papers have been presented in conventional, high performance and smart textiles and fashion.

A delegate of Bahir Dar University, Assistant Professor Adane Haile attended the world conference from Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology, EiTEX. He made a key note speech on ‘Textile and Fashion Education in Ethiopia: the beginning, the present and the future’ emphasizing the interest of the national economy to boost the textile and fashion sector as per the growth and transformation plan of the country. 

Fig. 2 Certificate award for key note speech  

At the conference a unique and potential emphasis was given to create a sustainable alliance which is called Belt & Road (B&R) World Textile University Alliance. The alliance is a continuation of the Silk Road or one belt one road approach of China economic development which bases strength and sustainability depends on integrative working culture.  

Fig. 3 A carbon boat arm ceremony: indication of B&R alliance for strength and sustainability 

Bahir Dar University has become the steering board member of the Belt & Road World Textile University Alliance which will have vital impact in student exchange, short term and long term staff development program and organization of events in a common platform. The belt and road alliance will integrate schools/universities, research centers and industries engaged in textile and apparel manufacturing. Annual meeting is arranged at Donghua University for the sustainability assurance of the alliance. The beginning support included a training center and research lab infrastructure development in Ethiopia very soon.

The conference provided the opportunity to meet with world known textile and fashion education institutes. Accordingly a start up discussion for possible collaboration and memorandum of understanding is arranged mainly in staff exchange, partnership projects, collaborative research and technical support. Besides a third degree scholarship offer has been discussed and approved for 5 candidates to study at Donghua University.

On the ground of Belt and road alliance every alliance member university will send a candidate to participate on a short term training to be conducted from Mar.21, 2019 – Apr.10, 2019. The theme of the training is “Advanced Seminars for Textile Industry International Cooperation in Production Capacity” which invites ‘one belt one road’ industries, governments and universities, and aims to serve the internationalization strategies of relevant enterprises, establishes a stage for cultural and information exchange, and provides intellectual support for the international production transfer of small and middle-sized enterprises.


Fig. 4 Belt and Road alliance members in partial

As part of the foundation of the alliance a forum on ‘Dialogue between universities and china textile/apparel industries’ was made to enhance the linkage between industries and universities in worldwide perspective. Some of the potential industries showed their future plan to involve in investing in Ethiopia in textile and garment manufacturing sectors. Additionally a cultural exchange program has been arranged for world university delegates at Shanghai Huangpu River and Century Tower Hotel. 

Fig. 5 The cultural beauty of Shanghai night Huangpu River, China