EiTEX Management Team Visits Value Technologies, Egypt

EiTEX and Value Technologies representative meets at 2016 on Origin Africa Exhibition and understand that the company supply Garber software for teaching and learning process and start cooperation. After looking the capacities of Value Technologies, discussion with Industry Minister, Bahir Dar University President and EiTEX Scientific Director were held to enhance further cooperation and to supply important goods, including the buying process of Garber Software with a maximum discount (about -90%) started. Even though Value Technologies had invited EiTEX management to visit their company at that time, their interest to work in collaboration were increased after visiting the facilities exist at EiTEX and again invite EiTEX management to visit their company.

To strengthen the collaboration Scientific Director Asst. Prof Addisu Ferede, Managing Director Mr. Shimelis Adugna, Apparel Production Research and Innovation Center Director Mr. Amare Abuhay and Mr. Zelalem Adane Workshop Technical Committee Coordinator were invited to visit Value Technologies from 26/02/2018 till 06/03/2018 by covering all the costs. It was understood that this company is the only branch of American Garber Company in Africa which supplies different products. During stay in Egypt profile of EiTEX have presented to the company and vice versa, discussion on areas to work in collaboration, visits of different latest Textile and Garment Company, specification for several machineries and systems were given to EiTEX and agreed to sign MoU, discuss to sponsor and participate on CTA-18 and also a short discussion with Ambassador of Ethiopia in Egypt about Egypt and national issues were taken place.

Latest technologies such as Automatic material transport system (smartMRT), Fully integrated Cutting room and Garment machine, Passbar system for neat and safe working area, Garment pieces dyeing and finishing technology, Latest spinning, knitting and finishing machine and mechanical workshop machineries were visited.