EiTEX Management Team Visits Chengdu Textile College

EiTEX Management Team Visits Chengdu Textile College  

As it has been known, EiTEX has signed MOU with Chengdu Textile College, China during the 6th International conference on Cotton, Textile and Apparel Value chain in Africa held on June 2nd and 3rd, 2017. To strengthen the collaboration further the Scientific Director Asst. Prof Addisu Ferede and the Graduate studies & Projecting hunting Director Dr. Abera Kechi were invited by Chengdu Textile College, China.

During their stay in China the Scientific Director Asst. Prof Addisu Ferede were invited to present about EiTEX and Ethiopian Textile & Textile Industries and sector opportunities in Ethiopia on the 3rd “The Belt and Road” International conference, Culture and Art Festival held on October 26th to 31st, 2017, wherein about 300 professors and Industry experts from different Textile colleges namely in UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China and also Textile & Garment industries owners & professionals in China were attending the presentation. After presentation communication has been made with professors of Manchester Textile Institute, Hong Kong Poly Institute of Textiles and Fashion, Suisan University in China, China Textile manufacturers’ association to start collaboration and others. Meanwhile, they participate on the International conference research paper presentation, Outdoor Lawn Exhibition and International fashion show as experience sharing program.  

On the following days, the discussion has been made with vice president and directors’ of Chengdu Textile College (CTC). As per the discussion it was reached on the following points:

·   The PhD supervisors for two CoE candidates have been assigned from Chengdu Textile College (CTC) at spot and EiTEX took assignment to send a working agreement.

·    Agreed to establish a joint center of excellence at EiTEX and CTC planned to visit EiTEX next year for ground works.

·    China Dyers and Auxiliaries manufactures interested to work with EiTEX

·    Staff exchange programs for long and short term trainings

·    Students exchange programs after matching the curriculums