Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology, Bahir Dar University, announced the press release of the 3rd International conference which will be hold on on coming May 2 and 3, 2014.
The Scientific Director of EiTEX, Asst.Professer Addisu Ferede, speaks to the press about the 3rdInternational Conference on title “Cotton, Textile and Apparel Value Chain in Africa”.

Around 60 teams from the teachers and staff workers of the members of Bahir Dar University, Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology have travelled 400 km journey towards to Guba. One of the practical differences in the current Ethiopian developments is the building of  the renaissance dam in the river Abbaby. Abbaby (Blue Nile) is one of the tributaries of Nile, which contributed more than 86% of Nile water. This river... Read More

Rieter Machine work Ltd. , The Switzerland company, which is an icon in textile world for  leading global supply of  textile machinery and components used in short-staple fiber spinning,  have visited  iOTEX.

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The yearly conducted mid annual iOTEX management meeting has started on February 22 ,which would stay for three days at Gondar , 180 KM far away from Bahir Dar. The main objective of the meeting is to evaluate the results and seek solutions for the challenges occurred during the past half year performance in comparison with the proposed annual plan of iOTEX. The meeting focal points are teaching learning,... Read More

The scientific Director Asst. Professor Addisu Ferede had a visit on the Turkish company namely Angels Cotton and Textile Industry PLC which is situated in Legetafo for further collaboration on January 02, 2014. The company employed more than 40 Textile engineering last year graduates. The Scientific director and Mr. Aron, the President of the company had a successful discussion about further... Read More

Yesterday, 17 December 2013, the  EiTEXAcademic Council recognized three faculty members for exemplary yearly performance in Teaching learning, Research and Community service through appreciation and awards.
The performance evaluation for the awards was... Read More

The Management team of iOTEX with expatriate staff representative went to Goregora in October 26 to 28, 2013 to share the yearly strategic direction and  vision of the institute. This becomes the third annual management trip.

soas to improve the quality of Teaching Learning process, Research and Community service in the current acadamic year, second year above students in all regular under graduate programs critically evaluate thier performance in the previous year for four days at Institute, Program and Individual levels.

The get-together program encompasses:  

1.      Program opening

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The seminar was organized by the Garment and Fashion Design Center of Competence in collaboration with Africa Fashion Guide based in London.  iOTEX’s Garment and Fashion Design Center of Competence Deputy Chair Mr. Areda Batu  briefly explained that the seminar was organized  to enhance  knowledge of African Fashion for staff members and  fashion design students.