The Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology-EiTEX organized and hosted the fifth international conference on Cotton, Textile and Apparel value chain in Africa/CTA-16 on June 3rd and 4th of 2016. Invited guests including the Minister of Ministry of Industry Honorable Ato... Read More

Members of the management, Students’ Union representatives and selected students had a trip to Debremarkos University to share experience mainly on students’ discipline management system. The experience sharing which was conducted from April 1-2, 2016 had three major sessions. The first session was having a... Read More

The EiTEX Information and Strategic Communication Office and the representatives of the Students’ Union took the initiation to organize a discussion platform to students. On this talk show event which is held on March 27/2016, the students of Fashion Design attended, for the topic for the discussion was about... Read More

The Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology – EiTEX staffs delivered a community service. The institute has been taking community service as one of the pillars; hence the staffs have been serving the community in verities of activities. The types of supports have been based on the need assessment... Read More

The Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology/EiTEX and the Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute/ETIDI signed a Memorandum of Understanding on January 17/2016.

The office of Postgraduate, Technology Development and Community Service of EiTEX organized a forum on community service activities which is held on 19 December 2015. On the forum, guests who are invited from institutions which obtained different services from the institute participated... Read More

The Third National Workshop on University-Industry Linkage held on 4-5 December 2015 at Kuriftu Resort and Spa, BahirDar. The workshop was organized by Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology/EiTEX and BahirDar Institute of Technology/BiT.

Officers of Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology presented their respective office plans. The presentation held on 18 and 19/03/2008 E.C at Gonder.

The EiTEX graduates of 2014/2015 and the currently staff members Mr. Aragaw Bizualem and Alemayehu Assefa won the ITMA award for Research & Innovation Excellence. The two young staff members of EiTEX received their award in Italy, Milan on the event for exhibition and conference held on 12-19 November 2015.

Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology/ EiTEX signed MoU with Leather Industry Development Institute (LIDI). The two institutes aim to work together towards the development of the leather industry.