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Keynote Speaker


 Daniel Kitaw, Professor 

Industrial Engineering

Daniel Kitaw is Professor of Industrial Engineering (IE) at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT), Addis Ababa University (AAU), and an affiliate professor at New Mexico State University, USA. He obtained his BSc in Mechanical Engineering with distinction from Addis Ababa University in 1980, MSc and PhD in IE from Polytechnic of Turin – Italy in 1984 and 1999, respectively. He also received advanced certificate in informatics from Trinity College Dublin (1986).                                                                                                      

Professor Daniel has participated and organized numerous seminars and workshops in many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. He has published teaching materials and textbooks used in all universities nationwide. He has authored and co-authored many scholarly articles both in national and international peer reviewed journals. He has served as editor-in-chief of Zede, Journal of Engineers and Architects. 

His persistence towards the field enabled him to become a pioneer and a key player in the development of MSc and PhD programs in IE at AAU. He has advised over one hundred MSc Theses and fifteen PhD dissertations so far, and currently he is supervising nine PhD candidates.  He has also teaching experience at Bahir Dar and Mekelle Universities, at Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, at Nuremberg University, Germany, and at New Mexico State University, USA where he is an adjunct professor.

Professor Daniel was Director for University-Industry Partnership at AAU.  The concept of triple helix is close to his heart and has been a strong advocate of University-Industry linkage programs since 1985. He was an associate dean for research and graduate program of the Faculty of Technology, member of graduate council of AAU, head of Technology Faculty-Industry Linkage Unit, and change management leader of AAU. He has also been consulting both public and private organizations in the area of IE.

Professor Daniel was the founding member and a key player of Ethiopian Quality Award (EQA). He served as a chairman of the Technical Committee and secretary of Board of EQA.  He has also been instrumental in fostering change management and paradigm shift in the society at national level. Moreover, he is a leader and member of many high profile projects, professional associations and institutions in the country and overseas. He has received many honours, appreciation letters, and certificates. He has served as founding chairman of Birhan International Bank. Currently he is on the boards of directors of many institutions including National Council of Ethiopian Standards, and board member of Ethiopian Sugar Corporation. He is also a founding fellow and board member of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) and vice chair of the Engineering and Technology Working Group of EAS.