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All papers accepted to the CTA 2019 international conference will be published on a dedicated volume of Symposium proceedings (ISBN classification, ISSN classification). One copy of proceedings and a soft copy using flash drive is always included in the registration to the conference and made available to all the participants at the start of the event. All submitted papers (PDF Documents) will also be available online in the institute website and Ethiopian Journal of Textile and apparel website.

Additionally, a considerable number of leading papers selected by the Publication and documentation Committee will be processed, following revision and updating, for publication on international renowned journals. 


 Publishing agreements have been made with the journals reported below. Further partnerships are currently under discussion and will be announced soon. Please make sure to check this webpage regularly to stay updated.

African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development

African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation & Development (AJSTID) is a multidiscipline journal covering economics, science, engineering, and technology, but with the core focus on economics of innovation and development. AJSTID provides an important outlet to research on process and impact of science, technology and innovation at two levels: the narrow objective of achieving industrial growth, and the broader objective of achieving socio-economic development, particularly in Africa and other developing economies.