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Call for Papers

Thank you for considering submission of an abstract for presentation at the CTA 2019 international conference.
Abstracts (at least one but no more than two full pages) should be prepared using the abstract template and submitted to the Publication and documentation chairperson using the online form no later than 10th March 2019. Abstracts must clearly describe the content of presentations and their basis (detailed case study, discussion of experience from practice, preliminary research data, review of literature, completed research not presented previously and may be submitted for oral or poster presentation. The official language of this international conference is English, and all abstracts must therefore be written and presented in English.

Please note that the chairperson of the publication and documentation committee will confirm receipt of all abstracts. Authors not receiving an e-mail notifying receipt of their abstract after 24 hr., should check with the chairperson to ensure their abstract has been effectively received. 

Abstracts submitted for presentation will undergo a thorough selection process carried out by world leading experts, represented by the publication and documentation Committee. Final destination (oral/poster) will be established according to the following criteria: request by the author, topic relevance, characteristics of the paper (highly specific, preliminary results, case study) and number of papers received on the same topic. Corresponding authors will be notified of the outcome of their abstract's submission by 20th March 2019

Please note that acceptance of your abstract into the conference programme does not automatically register you in the conference. Presenting authors must register within 20 days after the receipt of the acceptance notification. Detailed information will be given together with the notification letter.

All presenting authors, including those scheduled for poster presentation, are also kindly required to provide a full paper no later than 15th April 2019. Final papers should be prepared in accordance with the Instructions for Authors provided and their quality and contents should conform with the abstract originally submitted. Papers not complying with the conditions above will be removed from the conference programme. 

Authors presenting their work in an oral session will be requested to submit their PowerPoint presentations no later than 20th May 2019, while authors scheduled for poster presentation will be required to send their poster (as pdf file) no later than 15th April 2019. Detailed instruction on how to prepare your presentation will be available online.

All final papers accepted to CTA-2019 will be published on a dedicated set of proceedings (ISBN classification). Additionally, a considerable number of leading papers selected by the Publication and Documentation Committee will be processed, eventually following revision and updating, for publication on special thematic issues on international renowned journals.

For any further information or assistance regarding the submission of abstracts, please contact the chairperson of the Publication and documentation committee on