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  •  Agronomy, breeding, biotechnology, weed and diseases control of cotton  
  •  Mechanization of production, harvesting, storage and ginning cotton
  •  Fiber technology and their performance
  •  Leather Technology and Processing
  •  Technical Textiles
  •  Color and dye chemistry
  •  Textile structures analysis
  •  Textile, Apparel and Leather brands management and marketing
  •   Production economics of Cotton, Textile, Apparel and Leather
  •  Supply chain in Cotton, Textile, Apparel and Leather sector
  •  Energy, Environment and sustainability in Textile, Apparel and Leather
  •  Education Innovation in Textile, Apparel and Leather
  •  Machineries of fiber, Apparel and Leather products
  •  Productivity in Textile, Apparel and leather industries
  •   Design of Textile, Apparel and Leather products
  •   Nano, Plasma and Bio-technology application in Textiles
  •   Smart and intelligent textiles
  •   The way forward for sustainable development in textile
  •   Cleaner and greener production and processing technologies