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About CTA-19

After celebrating our 7th-year anniversary in 2018, the next edition of the Cotton, Textile and Apparel Value Chain in Africa to be held in 2019 is looking better than ever with a success that goes from strength to strength, making the CTA conference the most important Textile and Apparel conference in the world/Africa. 

The secret of this success? Easily said:

  •  An increasing number of young scientists is taking part in this event, acknowledging it as an important opportunity for scientific networking and debate
  •  Attendance is largely international countries represented from all continents
  •  High-level scientific content supported by innovation and creativity
  •  Fashion show event
  •  A social programme that render the socialization and professional and scientific networking simply unique.

You can’t miss it! 

  •  The eighth edition of the CTA international conference, organized by the Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology of Bahir Dar University (EiTEX-BDU), will be held in Wisdom Tower, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, from June 7 to June 8, 2019.
  •  The previous edition was attended by more than 200 participants (researchers, technicians, governmental officials, policy makers, industry managers, fashion designers and students) with the presentation of more than 17 scientific papers, selected according to quality by the Publication and Documentation committee from a total of 31 offers of papers.
  • The conference included 17 oral sessions, 46 exhibition and more than 50 specialized poster session, discussion forums and fashion show events, a continuously accessible poster area and an extensive exhibition space for companies working in the field of Textile and Apparel.