Textile Production Research and Innovation Center

About Textile Production

 Textile production is major industry. It is based on the processing and conversion of natural and manmade fibers in to yarns and then fabrics manufacturing depending on the requirement of final product applications. There are many variable processes and material available starting from fiber processing, yarn manufacturing and fabric -forming stages coupled with complexity of finishing and coloration process. The recent success and growth of using textiles for customized functional application rather than aesthetics in multidisciplinary sectors is creating new era of technological advancements and wider scope of possible application in the newly emerging area of technical textiles production.

Textile Production Research and Innovation Center

EiTEX Textile Production RIC is launched to be the center of excellence for textile manufacturing process and textile machine development concerning   the production of yarns and fabrics. At present, the competence center is concerned with the study of natural and man-made fibres, yarns, knitted and woven fabrics products and their efficient manufacturing technology in order to meet the challenge of increasing use of sophisticated microprocessor controlled technologies and a fast growing technical textile industry with associated complexities of end-use requirements


The center has three focused sub centers organized as LRI teams in the areas of   yarn manufacturing Technology, Woven fabric manufacturing technology and knitted fabric manufacturing technology.  

 LRI Research Thematic Areas

 Yarn manufacturing LRI team

 Ø  Cotton processing (optimization of process parameters, inventory control,)

 Ø  Cotton quality and spinnability

 Ø  Quality control in cotton spinning mills

 Ø  Air conditioning of cotton spinning mills

 Ø  A Framework for Estimating Savings and Losses from Product Mix,

 Ø  Operational and Commercial Parameters in a Spinning Mills

 Ø  A Study on the Quality of Yarns Made of Man-Made Fibres and its Blends

 Ø  A Study on Packing Materials Cost in Spinning Mills