Textile Engineering

Textile Engineering is a profession that deals with the application of scientific, engineering and technological principles to the design and manufacturing activities of fibers, yarn and textile products, process and machinery.

Some of the typical tasks the professionals are expected to deal with are:

1.      fiber and textile material identification and testing

2.      development of  textile fibers ,yarns and fabrics for different end use requirement

3.      Developing quality system and maintaining product quality assurance

4.      Developing and selecting textile manufacturing system  & technology

5.       Planning, monitoring and controlling textile  production operation

6.      Identification and control aspects of textile chemicals & chemical processing

7.      Machine development & maintenance engineering of textile machineries.

BSc. in Textile Engineering  

The BSc. in Textile Engineering program at EiTEX has duration of 5 academic years and it is the first and well adapted   program in Ethiopia. The program fulfils the requirement of qualified and skilled engineers for the textile product design and manufacturing process   activities of the Ethiopian fiber, yarn, fabric and textile chemical processing industry.

Career Options

Production manager, ,  Industrial Engineer,  , Quality  assurance manager, maintenance, textile chemicals expert, textile machinery and spare part manufacturing expert,  Engineer, textile testing expert   ,textile  factory facility  planner,  factory layout designer,  ,  Sales Engineer, textile product designer.