Textile & Apparel Merchandising

Textile & Apparel Merchandising is a profession that deals with the application of scientific, business and technological principles to the purchasing and marketing activities of textile and apparel business sector.

Some of the typical tasks the professionals are expected to deal with are:

1.      Develop and execute purchasing and  marketing strategy

2.      Develop and support plans to maximize sales

3.      maintain an up-to-date information on fashion trends & sales forecast

4.      Generate vendor relations and negotiations

5.      Create and support initiatives relating to client services

6.      Identify business development opportunities

7.      Maintain visual presentation of showroom

Bsc. in Textile and Apparel Merchandising

The BSc. in Textile and Apparel Merchandising program at EiTEX has duration of 4 academic years and it is the first and the only program available in Ethiopia. The program fulfils the requirement of qualified and creative personals in business & marketing activities of the Ethiopian  textile and apparel industry , which has been traditionally practiced  and  uncompetitive in world market share. 

Career Options

Merchandiser , Assistant Merchandiser , Buying Agent ,Showroom Manager, Store Manager, Sourcing Manager,  Sales Manager, Customer Service Representative,  Retailing Manager , Costing Analyst , Display Designer, Promoter