Leather Engineering

Leather engineering is a profession that deals with the application of scientific, engineering and technological principles to the design and control of all aspects of leather processing, leather materials, leather chemistry, leather products design, manufacturing system and machinery.

Some of the typical tasks the professionals are expected to deal with are:

  1. Leather material identification and testing
  2. Identification and  analysis of leather chemicals and processing  
  3. Planning, monitoring and controlling leather  production operation
  4. Maintain quality assurance and setting standards for leather manufacturing process
  5. Developing and planning leather processing manufacturing facility
  6. leather product design and development
  7. Developing and executing strategy for overall cost reduction & profit maximization

BSc. in Leather Engineering

The BSc. in leather engineering program at EiTEX has duration of 5 academic years and it has been designed to produce leather engineers who are well-grounded in the leather technology ,material, design and production that are required to exploit the under exploited and potentially available leather resources in Ethiopia.

Career Options

 Leather Technologist, leather chemist, production manager, leather industrial engineer, Leather material analyst, leather quality expert, marketing and sales expert,, leather product and accessories  designer, ,  abattoir industry manger, Animal farming skin quality exper.